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interactive games pt8 by II SIRWOLFY II.

interactive videos | murder miners | indie games | alcatraz escape

interactive videos pt15 by II SIRWOLFY II.

interactive games | murder miners | indiegames | alcatraz escape

interactive games pt1 by II SIRWOLFY II.

interactive games | murder miners | indie games | alcatraz escape

interactive games pt12 by II SIRWOLFY II.

Gilbert, WV Coal Miners’ (Blackwater Outlaws – Covered in Coal)

This video was made out of thanks to my family and friends, for the sacrafices, dedication, devotion, & love they show each and every one of us. I have an uncle and a cousin on here, that are coal miners’ in Alabama, I’ve always heard that it’s in your blood, I guess it is! It takes a very special man to be a coal miner, and I am so very proud of mine… I Love you all, Please stay safe, and Thanks for keeping our lights on…. =)

Upper Big Branch Miners Tribute

In memory of the 29 coal miners who lost their lives at the Upper Big Branch Mine on 04/05/10. May their souls rest and their families find some peace. My heart goes out to them all, including the Napper family who are from my home of Meigs County, Ohio and whose son Josh Napper was one of the men lost that day.

Coal Bucket Heroes A tribute to Coal Miners and Coal Truckers

Here is my Tribute Video to all the guys who Haul Coal Buckets, Sand, Coal, Gravel, anything in a Bucket and also a tribute to the coal miners.

Coal Miner’s Father Recalls His Son’s Last Moments Together

Tommy Davis talks about his son, Cory Davis, killed at the age of 20 by the explosion in Don Blankenship’s Upper Big Branch Mine in Montcoal, WV.

How much responsibility do you have for the deaths of the West Virginia coal miners?

If you use electricity, you are responsible. That coal is used to power our lives. These men were sacrificed for our pleasure. Do you think it will highlight our greed for coal and the direct causes of global warming? We need to wake up now.

Miners speak on safety violations at Upper Big Branch Mine

Coal miners spoke to the World Socialist Web Site on Friday about safety violations at the Upper Big Branch mine in West Virginia. They said that the mine’s operator routinely disregard safety rules, and denounced regulators for failing to punish the company.