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what do you think of michael jacksons music and its impact on the world?

i personally think he changed the all musicions make music and videos(especially with thriller).

So please put what you think of the king of pop…………Mj

Michael Jacksons Best Dance Move ?

what do you think michael’s best dance move is ??

why is michael jackson’s dance the moonwalk called what it is?

Is michael Jackson’s Book MoonWalk still being printed or are they going to start printing it again?

whats michael jacksons best move?

thriller, moonwalk, etc.

does anyone know when Michael Jackson’s book Moonwalk is coming back out ?

i really want it. i tried to read it once when i was too little to understand any of it,so i want to buy it so i can finish reading it.

Michael Jackson’s black sequined jacket and glove from the moonwalk debut at Seattle’s EMP?

i was there a couple of days ago and i saw the display there but i didn’t have time to go in, so i was wondering if anyone knows if the black sequined jacket and glove that michael jackson wore when he first did the moonwalk at the 25th annviersary of motown ARE the ones displayed at the EMP.

What will Øbama say at Jackson’s funeral?

Will the president get up on stage and moonwalk?

why is Michael Jackson’s moonwalk so different even in comparison with the pros?

Be happy wherever you are MJ. Rest In Peace.

Does anyone know when Michael Jackson’s biography Moonwalk is going to be re-released?

I been hearing on TV how it’s supposed to be re-released back on the bookshelves, but I never heard them say when.