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Old Nickalodian Game Show…What Was It’s Name?

old game show that was on nickolodian that i can not for the life of me remember

some of the challenges consited of an obstical course that requiered you to go through vine like things, a big slime moat you had to run through then climb an inflatable hill or go up a slip and slide kind of thing to hit a button and release your teams flag…also a “camel challenge” that requiered you to pull a lever and fill a back pack thing with water, then you run and either pass it to your team mate or fill up a bowl.

I’ve tried looking it up and it’s not Gas, Guts, Double Dare, or Ledgens of the Hidden Temple….if anyone remebers what this game was i would love to know.

HARVEST MOON…yes, it’s a full moon tonight. Are your animals acting a little crazy?

Our dog, Spike keeps wanting to go out, run around the yard ard bark…

Our indoor kitties are dragging out all their toys, running through the house…up and over the furniture…

Wow!!! What are your crazy pets doing during this full moon?

American Idol Exposed! PROOF IT’S FAKE!

What are your thoughts about this? Comment below! Twitter- Facebook- Download The Kl…

What causes us to see only parts of the moon when it phases? (exluding when it’s full)?

If the moon is round, how is it that when it phases, we can see quarters, halfs and slivers instead of the whole moon. Like what makes that part of the moon black and seem, well, that it takes on a different entire shape?

Why can’t i Moonwalk? Instead i look like a cat burying it’s poo?

Where can i get Moonwalk lessions? The whole world can do it? Why can’t i? :-( x

Joshua Ledet – It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World

Joshua Ledet – It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World -

It’s much easier to say YES than No I wrote the little blurb below right after I got off a SKYPE call on Jan 15th 2013. I just got a skype message from a Jr High teacher in West Virginia asking if at some point I could skype with her class. She wasn’t expecting me to say sure lets do it right now lol. I will tell you, i am very busy with so many things at the moment both personal (who isn’t) and professional but there is always time to stop and breath and do something nice. Do you know it would have been much harder to say NO than to say YES? A simple yes means no excuses, not much thinking and just go with the flow. We got right on SKYPE and each kid asked a question or two. It was really cool and well worth taking a few minutes from my day to hopefully bring a smile to someones face. After the call I was sitting here thinking and pretty much teared up. The reason being is its still strange to me that people look up to me for what I do. The fact that me taking those 10 minutes could have a positive impact on someone got to me. It could put a smile on someones face who on any other day may have been upset. That to me is what is cool, you never know the effect you have on others. It is much easier to say yes than no, no one is to busy to take a few minutes to do something positive. To connect with FroKnowsPhoto please follow below FroKnowsPhoto Beginner Guide Facebook: Twitter : Google + : Please

It’s Christmas Eve!

A christmas video with Amy, as requested by my lovely friend Demi :) (This was filmed at like 6am so sorry if this is not good but we were mad tired. My excuses are so lame but srsly guys) Amy: IF YOU ARE USING A MOBILE DEVICE TO VIEW THIS LINKS ARE HERE: Mad Libs: Christmas Carol (which we actually changed to reindeer) Quiz:

The Voice Australia: Karise Eden (@kariseeden) sings It’s A Man’s World

Karise unleashes a voice that seems to come from another planet. To watch the clip in full plus loads more exclusive backstage videos head to and you can download the performance on iTunes http | |

it’s raining, what do I do with these kids for a birthday party age 9?

Was going to be outside pool, jumpy tent etc. now what do we do