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Top 11 – Malaya Watson “I Am Changing” – AMERICAN IDOL SEASON XIII

Malaya Watson was inspired by fellow Idol alum Jennifer Hudson with her performance of “I Am Changing.” Do you think Ms. Hudson would’ve liked Malaya’s rendi…

john lennon – american idol?

what do you think john lennon (One of the greatest ever musicians) would think of american idol or x factor ?

imo he would find it pathetic. as the beatles had to play in rough clubs in hamburg where they could get hit by drunks and gangs and also in liverpool for 2 years to get a record deal. on AI they sing for weeks singing other peoples songs. where as john lennon wrote his own songs

American Idol opening sequence shot

American Idol

Image taken on 2011-01-29 11:43:45 by Bob Bekian.

American Idol Viewing Party – Dr. Nandi & Quarter

American Idol

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What happens in American Idol?

I have some questions about American Idol because I haven’t seen the show before but I was thinking of getting into it since there’ve been some rumors that there won’t be another season of X Factor which makes me sad :(

But anyways I was just wondering what happens during the entirety of the show, like what happens throughout the whole thing. Like in X Factor they had the initial tryouts and then bootcamp and then judges houses and then live performances, is American Idol similar like that?

I was also wondering what the age limit is to audition.

I think on X Factor it was like 12 or 13 or something, is it the same for American Idol?

Thank you!

Guy on american idol?

Does anyone know where i can get a pic of the guy on the last season of american idol…..he had the long hair and beard..and sang really good….got voted off in holywood
american does not have pic

When does American Idol season 9 start ?

Does anyone know when American Idol’s Season 9 start ?

I really want to know ! Please tell me if you know !?

Adam Lambert – Ring of Fire (American Idol 2009)

This season American idol is less exciting than ever..?

X factor is a lot better and more fun to watch. The contestant for American idol are average singers. X factor had better singers and the voice contestant are even better than the contestants on American idol 2014. Youtubers sing better than the contestant on American idol right now

Sikh Contestant Gurpreet Singh Sarin “Turbanator” in American Idol Season 12

Sikh Contestant Gurpreet Singh Sarin “Turbanator” in American Idol Season12 Sikh Contestant Gurpreet Singh Sarin “Turbanator” in American Idol Season12 Sikh …