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Jonas Brothers or American Idol?

I have to choose from the Jonas Brothers concert and American Idol concert. Which one should I choose?

American Idol finalist Kimberly Locke

American Idol

Image taken on 2007-11-09 20:28:18 by Patty Mitchell.

Does Dish Network include American Idol in its package?

Okay, so our company cable sucks because they have really bad quality, so my family and I are thinking about switching to Dish Network.

Do they include American Idol in their package? If they don’t we don’t want to switch over…. Thanks!

Calling in to vote on American Idol….?

when you cal in to vote for someone on american idol is the whole system automated or how does it work? and when is the best time to call?

Dancing wth the stars or American Idol?

or America’s got talent, I would pick American Idol!!

microphone from american idol?

I have a konami logitech microphone from my american idol game will it work on my computer and if so how do i get it to run?
ok thank you

Zoanette Johnson, Semi-finals ~ American Idol 2013 Circle of Life

Zoanette Johnson Circle of Life performance at American Idol 2013 Semi-Finals Zoanette Johnson is a native of Liberia, West Africa.

will you watch American idol when Simon is gone?

will you watch American Idol when Simon is gone

who won american idol?!?

i’m a filipino and i want to ask who won american idol?!i know americans know who cauze its thursday today and the show airs yesterday on your country.please reply!who won?!

American Idol? America’s Next top model??Help please!!!?

When and what time is american idol and America’s next top model on?