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Why does my neck hurt hecka bad when ever i ride roller coasters?

everytime i go to the amusement park, my neck hurts really bad after i get off a roller coast or a ride where we go fast. usually the pain doesnt /really/ kick in until the next morning when my neck is so sore i can barely life my head up! is this normal? does this happen to everyone or should i take it easy and not go on any more rollercoasters?

Why do people make fun of others that hurt themselves?

I used to last year; I used to scratch myself with a blunt knife. I was one of the lucky ones that got help and got to see a day where everything would be okay, but there are tons of people that aren’t as lucky. It really hurt me to see all my “best friends” I confided in leave me when I needed their friendship the most, and lots of people judged against me, when all I wanted was a friend (I used to be really shy and couldn’t make friends easily) and they’d make rumors about me. I don’t even look like the stereotypical “emo” girl, yet they labeled me as “emo” and it really hurt me. Why do people love to bring others down when they need a friend more than anything?

How do I treat my hurt tail bone?

funny story, but not really cause it HURTS! I was going out to relax in the sun and sit in my lounge chair, well i didn’t open it’s legs all the way and sat in it, and it crumbled to the ground, with me landing straight on my concrete patio on my tail bone. Now, I must say, I’ve never felt that kind of pain in that part of my body before. I mean, through my tears I laughed because well, i should have paid more attention. Anyway, I have iced it and I’m taking ibuprofen, but I feel like it is getting worse to the point it hurts to walk and sit!!! i’m still laughing cause I’m such a dork, but can anyone help or have any suggestions to relieve the pain a bit?

Frightening Video: Another Bounce House Takes Off in High Wind, Kids Hurt

Thirteen children were injured when an inflatable bounce house went soaring. For more on this story, click here: For the FULL ‘GMA’ Episode, click here:

Whitney Houston Does It Hurt So Bad Live (HD)

“Why Does It Hurt So Bad (Live)” by Whitney Houston. Whitney Houston performs live on the 1996 MTV Movie Awards.

Kids get hurt on moon bounce

ppl getting decked

Why do amusement park rides hurt me so much?

I always want to go to amusement parks to ride crazy roller-coasters with my friends or get twisted around on rides at the state fair when it’s in town, but I always undergo extreme pain. I’m a 202 weight class bodybuilder and have been training as a teen light-heavyweight for 3 years. During this time, I’ve gone to 3 amusement parks and always end up embarrassed because I’m the one waiting at the bottom with wallets, eyeglasses, and necklaces from my thrill-seeking friends that go on crazy rides. The thing is, I’m not afraid to go on these rides. It hurts. I’m not talking about neck pain that whiny middle-aged people get, I’m talking about a crushing feeling. Amusement park rides make me feel like there is a several hundred pound weight bearing down on my torso. It’s the most immense squeezing feeling I’ve ever felt in my life and I end up in tears even on wooden roller coasters. I know I’m not crazy or just being frightened, I actually get bruises from these rides. I don’t know if I’m just freaky when it comes to G-force or what, but I know I’m not just being a wuss. I have quite the pain tolerance. Does anybody have any thoughts or ideas on what the deal is?

Bounce house flies through the air, 6 children hurt

Video shows the jumping castle slamming into a pole

My friend got really hurt, so what are some good fundraisers?

he needs a lot of help with money, he has a cracked skull, major brain swelling, broken ribs, his knees broken, ect. So, ideas would be much apperciated.

we’re hoping to have the fundraiser(s) this weekend.

I hurt my elbow, what could be wrong with it and how do I take care of it until I can see a doctor tomorrow?

I was playing a game where you hit this sorta big inflatable ball back and forth and when I was hitting it forward this one person hit it the opposite way backwards and my arm sorta bent back. That happened about 10 hours ago and it still hurts.

It’s my right arm, and it hurts a bit when I bend it, but when I outstretch it and twist it in any direction it hurts. It hurts a bit slightly bent too, but more along the forearm.

If it still hurts I’m going to go to the doctor, but I can’t go to the doctor until tomorrow, so what can I do until then to take care of it and sorta help with it? And what might be wrong with it?
I showed my mom earlier and she said compared to my other elbow it looked a bit swollen. It’s not bruised or red or anything though.