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[A split second high speed flash picture at the Oswestry Fun Fair of the "Whirling Whip", 1948]

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Singing voice to high? HELP!!!!?

So I really need help with singing. I love to sing but I’m not very good. I have a very
VERY high pitched voice. I’m a 13 year old girl and my singing voice still sounds like it did when I was little only clearer. Is there anyway to make my voice deeper? Not like really deep it’s just I hate it so high! Any other tips would be very apreciated! I may be the only one that thinks high pitched singing sounds bad? Any other tips would be great too!

high school fundraiser help?

ok so one of the clubs im in at school needs so fundraiser ideas. the money will go to buy solar cookers for families in darfur. we already did coin collections, volleyball games, and this music performance by students. now we need new ideas that are easy to do. also, we want to sell pins that are handmade to build awareness for the genocide. any ideas for that? it doesnt have to be a pin, maybe even a bracelet.

thanks so much!

I’m having a sundae party for my sons bday, but I don’t want to send he kids home on a sugar high..?

What are some fun party games they can play to burn off some of that energy before I send them home? haha

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High school graduation party?

I would like to have my son’s graduation party at a campground with a lake
e and the cost is $175.00 which was not to
bad for the rental but they chaRge $6.00 a person to come in I feel bad asking people to pay to come so I thought I would see what others think? Also if I go with renting just a party room what should I get to make the party more fun? Thanks!!!


Staff demonstrate the Sky High method of folding a bounce house. This includes the full take down process from detaching the blower hose to rolling the infla…

Why did my voice get so high?

My voice used to be so much deeper but my voice got uncontrollably high. It isn’t that high, it’s just not as deep as it used to be, so what happened and how could I get my old voice back.
Another thing, it’s been like that for quite some time after I started playing X-Box with a few other guys that are a little younger than me.
By the way, I’m only 15 so I don’t think I’m yet done with puberty.

How to throw a fun high school party?

I’m a freshman but I’m friends with a lot of upper class man and I don’t want them to think I’m lame or give me a bad rep if I throw a shitty party. I’m fine with drinking and smoking and I’m having a dj there but what else should I do?

High school trip fundraisers ideas???????

Alright, my AP Eurpoean history class is going on a trip this spring to london and paris, and we need to do some fundraisers for it. as for being in a small town in wisconsin we need something fun and creative, because a lot of organizations do the whole selling cookie dough…etc. soooo any ideas would help.