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What are some good profitable items to sell at fundraisers in high school?

I need help!
So I am going to do a fundraiser for video production club and its pretty difficult to decide what to sell.
Since the school has a few fundraisers and a school store.
I can’t sell cookies, Mexican candy (the school is mainly populated with Mexicans lol.), muffins, and ice cream (but thats temporary)
It does not have to be heathy. It does not have to be food.

I was thinking donuts but i get them for $1.75 each so selling them for above that seems overpriced :(
What should i do? (besides quit xD)


Staff demonstrate the Sky High way in setting up a standard 15 x 15 bounce house. They show the safest ways to tether the ride, attach the blower hose and an…

What classes should I take in high school to be a video game designer?

I want to be a video game designer and eventually work for Naughty Dog. I am in the ninth grade but I don’t know what category of classes I should take to better my skills. The choices are Computer programming, Digital and Interactive Multimedia, and Graphic Design and Illustration. All of these choices have about four classes in them. This would help me quite a bit, thank you.

Wouldnt this be a great way to graduate high school?

hey im a senior and know how to do the moonwalk so after i recieve my diploma and i start walking off i would start moon walking lmao, wouldnt this make graduation so much better lol anyway thx for ur opinions

What does the inside of your body look like when you’re high?

Yeah i know this question is a little wierd but i know i’m not the only one whos asked lol what does your body look like internally when youre high ? Like is their smoke floatin around inside like it does after you exhale weed ? Or does every body part slow down ? Lol best answer gets 10 pts off rip .

How to have an interactive lesson with high school students?

My boss wants me to develop a lesson about Budgeting for seniors high school kids. I need to use our college’s facts (tuition, orientation costs, student fees, room/board, food, transportation) to show the seniors why it is important to save and budget. She said that I could make a game out it, an interactive lesson etc… I am not the most creative person, so any ideas? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks(:

Why do some men have deep voices and others have high pitched voices?

I wanna know the scientific reason behind guys who have deep voices and vice versa? Are there ways to make your voice deeper after puberty? My voice is normal I guess, but I would like it to be deeper? Regardless, someone explain the scientific theory behind it all.

Are there any companies willing to donate a dunk tank for a couple of hours for a high school fundraiser?

As class president I have gotten many suggestions that a dunk tank would be a great fundraiser. The only trouble is that we can’t afford to rent one.

How do you sing high with your chest voice?

I love to sing. I used to take voice lessons, but I really didn’t learn how to sing high with my chest voice. Whenever I try to at home I crack when I get up high. My vocal coach said I was a soprano, I just don’t know why I crack when I start singing high with my chest voice!

what do you call these springy shoes I saw on TV a while back? They make you jump super high.?

They are a new age version of the spring shoes they had back in the fifties that had real springs. These new ones look like leaf springs with one inverted and stacked with the other one to give more springy-ness. Hard to describe, sorry.
New moon bounce shoes. Yeah I think these are the upgrades of what I was thinking about, or a different version. Thank you.