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Teen Girl Birthday Party Ideas? Help!?

Ok, so I am having a teen girl birthday party, but no guys. I have no clue in the world what to do!! I am turning 13 and I want to do something cool. What can I do??

Fun girl weekend?

About 10 of my girlfriends and I are spending the weekend at a cabin. We are looking for some fun things to do. We already have movies, spa treatments planned. Please don’t tell me drinking games or pillow fights!

Any ideas for a summer cteen girl tent party? Read details?

So me and my best friends in middle school (theres 5 tottal, maybe six if shes in town) are having one last night together. We are freshman and all going to different high schools next year. So it has to be amazing, we want to end on a high note.

So were going to have a sleep over, outside in my big back yard, in tents. :D Then were going to go to a water park in the morning. But what can we do at night? And what do we eat, food ideas?

CHEAP PLEASE. My mom doesn’t want to spend alot of money lol.

girl crying on american idol?

What was wrong with that little girl on american idol last night that was crying? she has issues!

how to be more fun around a girl?

i go to her house i have no car but i ride my bike to her house so there not really much we can do at her house but like what can me do to make it fun

what are the top 20 tween girl books?

i like drama,romance,and books with characters that deal with real life girl problems(boys,school,growing up,etc) i have read a few but they are kind of young for me now, and im growing up and i want some new books to read,any suggestions?

need a really great party ideas 4 a ten year old girl?

the theme is indiana jones please help

activities to do in a swimming pool with a 5 year old girl?

me and my mum are taking my half sister swimming on tuesday, she cant swim yet and she goes mad in the pool, but because me or my mum has to stay with her all the time we get very cold. what kind of activities can we do with her in the shallow end? (she doesnt mind going underwater)

which rides would you reccomeddd 4 a `13 year old girl 2 ride @ kings island in ohio?!?!?!?

see my family is going 2 the kings island in Cincinnati Ohio next week & i was wondering which rides would you reccomed 4 a 13 yr old 2 go on……. im am afriad of heights & am very particular on which rollarcoasters i ride…. thnx 4 every1 who answers in advance~~~

have a great day :)

Christmas gift ideas for a 14 year old girl?

She’s my friend and I’m 15 so I don’t really have the money to buy her anything wicked expensive. I had considered a scooter, cuz those are fun as shît and I don’t care how old you are, but then I remembered how tiny they are. I’m not the best with ideas… She likes Harry Potter, video games, wears black a lot, has had purple hair, wears makeup excessively, watches movies a lot, hangs out with her best friend all the time, and although fun, she isn’t exactly the world’s biggest optimist(a debbie downer if you will).

Any ideas?