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what are the top 20 tween girl books?

i like drama,romance,and books with characters that deal with real life girl problems(boys,school,growing up,etc) i have read a few but they are kind of young for me now, and im growing up and i want some new books to read,any suggestions?

need a really great party ideas 4 a ten year old girl?

the theme is indiana jones please help

activities to do in a swimming pool with a 5 year old girl?

me and my mum are taking my half sister swimming on tuesday, she cant swim yet and she goes mad in the pool, but because me or my mum has to stay with her all the time we get very cold. what kind of activities can we do with her in the shallow end? (she doesnt mind going underwater)

which rides would you reccomeddd 4 a `13 year old girl 2 ride @ kings island in ohio?!?!?!?

see my family is going 2 the kings island in Cincinnati Ohio next week & i was wondering which rides would you reccomed 4 a 13 yr old 2 go on……. im am afriad of heights & am very particular on which rollarcoasters i ride…. thnx 4 every1 who answers in advance~~~

have a great day :)

Christmas gift ideas for a 14 year old girl?

She’s my friend and I’m 15 so I don’t really have the money to buy her anything wicked expensive. I had considered a scooter, cuz those are fun as shît and I don’t care how old you are, but then I remembered how tiny they are. I’m not the best with ideas… She likes Harry Potter, video games, wears black a lot, has had purple hair, wears makeup excessively, watches movies a lot, hangs out with her best friend all the time, and although fun, she isn’t exactly the world’s biggest optimist(a debbie downer if you will).

Any ideas?

What Can A 16 Year Old Girl Do During Summer Vacation?

no family vacation going somewhere. I have no money. I don’t want 3 months to be like how I spend my weekends: sitting at home, having nothing to do. What Can A 16 Year Old Girl do During Summer vacation?

What should I say to a girl I never met before?

So I’m on vacation right now and I’ve noticed this really pretty girl (I’m at an amusement park if that helps at all). I really want to talk to her but what should I say for introducing myself in words that won’t creep her out?

Who is the girl on the screen on the American Idol ass break?

On the add breaks of American Idol, it shows two previous contestants and I was wondering who the girl on the right if with the microphone in her hand? I really want to know, (ho…ho…ho…ho…HOT!)

what american idol girl sang the national anthem this year at the big east basketball national championship?!?

It said that one of the girls on this seasons american idol sang the national anthem at the big east basketball championship..and i cannot find which one! anyone know?

Good place for a 14 year old girl to have a birthday party?

So my birthday’s in late October, and I want to have a party that kind of meets these guidelines…

-50ish people
-At night
-Not too expensive (under $200 for the place rental?)
-Not at my house.

I live in LA, by the way.