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PDSA fundraisers cycle from London to Paris to raise funds for pets in need of vets.

PDSA staff Martin Cowell, David Martin, Keith Seward and Deb Bolger embarked on the challenge of a lifetime to raise funds for PDSA by cycling approximately …

Is it legal to set up a fundraiser and use the funds towards opening up an Assisted Living Facility?

Im looking to open up an Assisted Living Facility and I want to do fundraisers to raise money to help towards the cost. Is it legal to do fundraisers? Also is it legal to ask for and accept donations for this cause also.

School fundraisers that generate a lot of funds?

I’m trying to raise $30,000-$40,000 for a trip for underpriveleged students. Any ideas for fundraisers that could seriously put a dent in the cost?

For a Charity Dinner/Dance fundraiser, what method of raising funds is best?

I am going to have a dinner/dance fundraiser for a worthy cause. Is it best to charge a “per-person” cost or ask for donations in any amount? If we ask for donations in any amount, should there be a “door donation” that is strongly reccomended or required?

Can i pay a real estate mortgage with IRA funds?

I would like to buy a house as an investment property to lease to someone else. Can my wife and I pay part of the mortgage using the $5000 annual maximum traditional IRA investments for a total of $10,000? I have read that you need to have a third party manager for the rental. Is this true as well?

If you had unlimited funds?

and you could design your own dream house what kind of rooms would you have.
I would have a bounce house room :D

house purchase failed. The seller released funds. Check from escrow agent bounced. How can i get back my funds?

Made deposit on house. Transaction failed. The seller released my deposit. However the check from the escrow agent bounced. How can I recoup my funds?
State of Florida

Teachers union funds project for Charleston schools

Teachers union funds project for Charleston schools
Two West Virginia schools will benefit from a grant provided by the labor union representing the nation’s teachers.

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Party raises funds for Lexiebean Foundation

Party raises funds for Lexiebean Foundation
A recent carnival-themed party at Once Upon a Time, a party venue and store in the Clintonville Plaza in Whitestone, raised $3,500 to benefit The Lexiebean Foundation.

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Funds provided for bully-prevention classes in local schools

Funds provided for bully-prevention classes in local schools
The Sisters of St. Joseph Charitable Fund has given $5,900 to the Appalachian Peace and Justice Network to provide 20 free bully-prevention classes to Athens County schools. The Second Step Bully and Violence Prevention curriculum is an internationally used program (reaching nine million children at 25,000 schools in 26 countries) that teaches social and emotional skills to prevent violence and …

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