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At moon bounce with friend

At moon bounce with friend.

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How can I help my friend deal with this?

My friends girl friend is on vacation until next Thursday. He’s really upset about it and getting himself into trouble. What advice can I give him so he’ll stop missing her so much? He’s really upset about this and I don’t know what I can say to help him.
By the way he has anger issues and his girl friend calms him down.
Oh and his girl friend can’t communicate with him at all

Where should I take my new friend from India?

I have a new friend who just came from India a few months ago.
He has already seen all the regular places like washington DC and baltimore.
I wanted to take him somewhere a little different.

Should I take him on a day trip through the hills and mountains of western Maryland where we would go hiking and then visit a historical town? He loves nature!

Or should I take him to Six Flags? He has never been to an amusement park.
He has never ridden a roller coaster but is fascinated by them.

So which do you think would be cooler for a foreigner?

I need to start a fundraiser for my sick friend.?

My friend needs a kidney transplant. She needs 25,000.00.
I want to help her out as much as possible.
Anyone have any suggestions on what type of fundraiser to do?
I’m 17, but I’m sure I can get quite a few of adults to help.

My friend and I are having a thirteenth birthday party soon. Any ideas for themes?

How should I convince my Friend to go on a roller coaster?

My Best Friend is a chicken, she hates roller coasters of any kind, even if they are really not scary and really fun. We are going to an amusement park called lagoon with our school soon and I need to figure out what to do before we get there!!!!

How to get my friend to ride a ride she doesn’t want to go on?

My friend and i are going to a amusement park and i really want her to ride this one ride but she keeps saying no. What should i do?And Please don’t tell me no to presser her.

What to do with my friend? (but we cant go anywhere)?

So i invited my friend to sleepover but its thuderstorming like all day so we arent going anywhere. Any ideas on what we should do? She likes my sims pc game but its 1 player, and we’ve made brownies like 10 times before so what should we do? Any fun indoors ideas? Thanks! :)

Will my auto insurance cover liability if my friend is driving a car I rent?

During a vacation, my friend will drive the rental car I pay for. If we have an accident, will my liability/medical coverage pay off if she’s driving? The friend has no car & no insurance and doesn’t live in my house.