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Louie’s Floor Covering – Des Moines, IA Call 515-243-8608 Louie’s Floor Covering is a family owned store that has been in business in Des Moines for more that 45 year…

Dance Floor Rental San Diego | kool. Party Rentals (623) 434-8822 Dance Floor Rental San Diego kool. Party Rentals (623) 434-8822 kool. Party Rentals specializes and provides professional cr…

What can I use to put temporary footprints on a school floor?

The elementary school book fair theme this fall is “Safari”…so we’d like to put elephant foot prints on the hall floors leading the kids to the room where the book fair is set up. It would be nice if the prints could last at least 2 weeks or more….but are also easily removed (or the custodians will kill me!)

Duny’s Party Rentals-Pool covered w/Dance Floor

See how we can cover your pool to gain party room!!

Duny’ Party Rentals-Pool covered w/Dance Floor #2

See how we can cover your pool to gain party room!!

I am going to install a radiant barrier in my house. Is it best to install it on the floor or ceiling and why?

There are many websites out there that tell you what is the best way to install it. Some want you to install it BETWEEN your roof support joists. Some want you to install it ON TOP of your wood joists. Some say that you should just put a layer down on top of your existing insulation and not even worry about putting it on your roof joists. Does someone have any idea what works best?? They all appear to work WELL, but if I’m spending the $400 to put it on the house, then I might as well do it right. Thanks.

How To Size a Dance Floor for a Party ( Tiffany Riordan from Atlas Party Rental discusses how to make sure your dance floor isn’t too big or too small. Take your party from ordinary to extraordinary… Just add guests!

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Floor ping-pong championship – 2011

Floor ping-pong championship at 42′th Russian young scientists conference, Yekaterinburg, Russia, 2 February 2011 – Game is deployed using portable floor projection system. Software is made with openFrameworks, openCV and Kinect. See more information at

On the US TV game show “Who’s Still Standing”, what system lies below the floor portals to catch contestants?

In this new game show, contestants stand on trap doors in the floor which open up when the contestant gives a wrong answer. The contestants fall a considerable distance but the camera never shows what they fall on. This appears to be a somewhat dangerous fall where contestants could sprain an ankle, break a leg, hit their heads, etc. And for bonus points, do you know if any contestants have gotten hurt taking this fall?

I’m guessing there is some kind of inflated slide beneath the floor portals to catch contestants much like the inflatable slides used in emergencies on large commercial planes. But I don’t know. If you know, please explain what system is used and please quote the source of your information.