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Experience WV – West Virginia Welcome Video – Find travel and tourism information, order a travel guide, browse our travel planner or calendar of events, view suggested trips a…

which flight simulator game should i get i am a beginner, no flying experience?

There are so many flight simulator games, but i am unsure which one to buy to start of with as i am a beginner, or are games like FSX good enough for beginners?

Can you tell me all about your time doing the American Idol Experience at Disney World?

I’m going to Disney World this summer and I wanna try out the American Idol Experience. Please tell me every detail of what happened and if you liked it or not. (even if you didnt pass the first audition) I want to know any and everything from a variety of people!

I have no dance experience but I want to learn to moonwalk?

Where do I start? Any advice would be appreciated. What kind of surface should I practice on, etc etc.

What is the worst experience that you ever had at an amusement park?

I recently went to Hershey park and while the rides were great everything else was the worse. It was 95 degrees (which I love) but the wait in the water park was horrendous!! I could not believe it! 2 hours for a water slide!? The park was waaayyyy overcrowded, what are some of yours?

What was your skydiving experience feel like?

I’ve tried the ride in amusement park like super splash and fear fall..Is it like that…like you couldn’t breath at all and your stomach feels like it goes down to your toe?

Summer vacation…7 month old. Your experience and advice?

Every year my whole family (about 30 people) goes on a week long beach trip to North Carolina, I live in Maryland so we are talking about a 7-8 hour drive (without a baby). My debate is pretty simple, our son will be about 7 months old at the time of the vacation hes due the end of January and the trip is set for the last week of August. We always end up reserving the same houses in a row every year, everyone just got back a few weeks ago and they are already talking about deposits for next year, I really want to go, hubby really wants to go, is the baby old enough to take for a week and for such a journey or should we hold it off until next year? My cousin and his wife (in Texas) are also expecting in March and they are debating going as well because of the baby so this answer would be for both of us, we are planning on getting our own townhouse (if we both decide to go, we are the only people with young babies in the family, starting the new generation I guess? lol), its a 2 bedroom/2 bath a block away from where everyone else is staying but the deposit it due soon…just want to hear about your beach vacation experience with little ones about 7 and 5 months.
How have your experiences gone with taking a little one on a vacation for a week and for that long of a car ride? Any advice for me, hubby, cousin, and cousin-in law?
Pack and plays would be going for sleep for the little ones, we talked about bringing an inflatable little pool for the beach for the babies to splash in with a little water underneath a canopy tent…so far thats all we have thought about or figured out.

Riding a horse on which of these would cause a park guest to experience the greatest linear velocity?

Suppose that there are two carousels at the same amusement park…carousel A has a radius of 5m and rotates with angular velocity omega=(pi/8) rad/sec. Carousel b has radius 7.5m and omega=(pi/9) rad/sec.

IGN News – Hugo Weaving Voices Megatron Experience

Here’s our review of the latest film Actor Hugo Weaving gave a candid interview recently where, in addition to saying he had no desire to return as Red Skull in any future Captain America or Marvel movies, he also said some pretty frank things about his work as the voice of the evil Megatron in director Michael Bay’s Transformers movies. Full articles here Subscribe to IGN’s channel for reviews, news, and all things gaming: IGN News: Hugo Weaving Voices Opinion on Megatron and Transformers 4 & 5