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What should I include in a big care package to a soldier in Iraq?

Also, can you send homemade goodies?

What can i send my husband in a care package to iraq?

i need some ideas…….

how to plan a fundraiser to send care packages to our troops?

Our American Legion Post is holding a fundraiser for our troops. All proceeds will be used to buy care packages to send overseas. I need help in the planning of the event

What can I send in a care package?

My sister in law just passed away and they whole family is in France. I’m home in Spain and I would like to do something more for them and I was wondering what I could possibly send in a CARE PACKAGE? What food is recommended? Should I send clothes? Toiletries? I’m at a loss and I could really use some help and advice! Thanking you all in advance.

For those who have been serving in Iraq, what kind of items do you enjoy in care packages?

My cousin is serving in Iraq and I want to start sending him and others care packages, what are your favorite items to recieve?

Me and my soon be husband have orders to Hawaii’s Hickam AFB. What all needs to be taken care of?

Our report date is no later than Jan. 30. I have lived in Florida all my life so I’ve never had to worry abt changing any kind of info abt myself. Any and all info and tips would be awesome!

Whats the best items in care packages sent to iraq from home?please help!whats needed?

My daughters friend is Iraq I do not know him well.(I dont know favorite gum cookies or anything)but weanted to send something can one of the guys who has been over there help me to figure out whats needed most?I know there isnt room to carry things home…????

Why do more women care about American Idol instead of football?

Why is it that more women would rather watch American Idol than pay attention to the NFL?

What are some good things to put in a Christmas care package for a soldier?

Im trying to get a package together for a friend that is over in Iraq for christmas. What are good things to send?

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