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Cancer fundraiser, what should I sell?

Hey, guys!!

So, I’m grouping up with a bunch of friends, and we’re going to try to do some Cancer fundraising in the near future. Our idea, as soon as we get permission from storeowners, our state, our county, the Cancer Research Hospital, and all the other paperwork done, is to set up a table outside local grocery stores and we’d sell things for $1-$20 on the table. I was thinking things like little magnets, little keychains, maybe some water bottles, cute ceramic figurines, etc. That’s all just the small stuff. I’d like to sell some bigger things as well, but I’m worried because we only have a $70 budget to spend on this. So, I’m wondering what else I can sell. Things that won’t be too expensive to get and can be sold for various prices, like T-Shirts. If you were to go up to a Cancer fundraiser and you saw that things were being sold for the cause, what would YOU want to see on that table? What would you want to buy?

Thanks, guys! Wish me luck!!!

Cancer fundraiser ideas?

For the past year or so me and my buddy have been doing fundraisers with the canadian cancer society. We’ve done the standard headshaves. Awhile ago we waxed are legs (i miss my leg hair). Were considering doing some sort of a run next but it doesn’t seem too solid. Anyone have some ideas that they’ve seen done before or just wanna see get done

Gemini sun & moon, pisces rising and Cancer sun, Aquarius rising, Scorpio moon?

Plus some little things to spice up the story: he’s a 26 ys gemini guy, and works in my company; I’m a 33 ys cancerian girl, owning a business together with my ex, and in love with the gemini guy. Can it get more complicated than that?!! For the past 8 months I’ve been trying to make him understand how I feel about him, he’s been always nice, but without making any move. Any tips on how to proceed?

Are cancer fundraisers fake?

Okay so my mom says that all cancer fundraisers are fake, like breast cancer or leukemia fundraisers. My mom is a health freak hippie and she told me that there already is a cure for this but doctors won’t release it because the cure is natural and all doctors take an oath before they become a doctor that they will only use drugs to cure people or any other natural things. So if this is true then are fundraiser just another way for the government to get money from us?
I’m not looking for an answer that tells me that i’m wrong i just want opinions, and your thoughts on this.

Are Cancer Fundraisers Misguided? Where do the millions and millions of dollars go that are raised for cancer research? A cure doesn’t seem close despite the money …

What should I call my charity? I’m doing all sorts of fundraisers to raise money for cancer research…?

So I started this thing, we make jewlery, bake, and have car washes. Then we donate the money to cancer research. What is a catchy name that I can call this fundraiser? Make it rhyme! ;P

how do i start a fundraiser for breast cancer?

I would like to start a fundraiser for breast cancer using cookie dough or breast cancer shirts or anything really wanted to do it this summer with my nieces thought it would be fun and good for them. But I have know idea how to get it started any ideas or info would be awesome.

What kind of papers or verifications do I need to hold a fundraiser for cancer?

I am wanting to hold a fundraiser or event to raise money for Cancer. I wanted to know what kind of paper work, verifications, or permits I might need and where can I get this information.

Support Barts Cancer Centre – information for fundraisers

How to contribute to life saving work of Barts Cancer Centre.

Charie Van Dyke president of NewImage College of Fine Arts helped in the fight against breast cancer

Charie Van Dyke president of NewImage College of Fine Arts helped in the fight against breast cancer by donating prizes and attending the 5th Annual PrĂȘt-a-Pour-Tea and Inaugural PrĂȘt-a-Pour-Nuit Fundraisers!