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Dreamworld Happiness ad campaign

Dreamworld’s brand new Happiness campaign captures real life moments from within Australia’s favourite theme park. These are real guests experiencing the many world’s within Dreamworld that continue to create life-long memories for millions of families.

Are “fundraisers” treated differently than “donations”, in a national election campaign?

2000 (or 2100) is the maximum amount of money one person may give to someone as a campaign contribution.

I am wondering how some people raise so much money at “fundraisers”. Are there different rules? For instance, can someone sell a ticket for a dinner for more than 2000? Or are there just so many people attending them?

Would the poor in America be better off if Obama’s $35,800 a plate fundraisers were for them, not a campaign?

It’s less important for Obama to make infomercials when the media does it for free.

My solution to level the playing field…

Public funding in the general election.

Obama was for it before he was against it.

Are Obama campaign fundraisers a safe place to take your children?

Why is it that Obama is on the campaign trail with multiple fundraisers, but the media asks him NO questions?

about his policies or his failed campaign promises like gitmo or lowering the debt? they crucified bush about his no new tax pledge that he lied about, why not call Obama on the carpet about all his? And yet almost nobody has asked him about selling weapons to mexican drug lords, why? The media is very busy asking all the reps questions, why not the dems?

Obama’s Leaked 2012 Campaign Memo – Why do they allow them to do this?

Shouldn’t this have been a secret?

Strategy Memo
Obama for America Reelection Campaign 2012 (a Division of the AFL-CIO)

General Prospects: As we begin considering the political landscape of 2012, it is obvious that President Obama’s chances for reelection are highly uncertain. The nation’s mood has shifted greatly since the 2008 election.

We can no longer count on the strength of the president’s soaring rhetoric, since many Americans have now learned that his speeches consist primarily of repurposed Justin Bieber lyrics. Nor can we run a de facto campaign against George W. Bush, especially given the federal government’s ongoing cover-up of the fact that Bush himself killed Osama Bin Laden with piano wire and a derringer. As such, the broad thrust of our strategy remains uncertain.

Currently, our top strategists are exploring the feasibility of nationwide hypnotism. Experts inform us, however, that this approach is unlikely to work as long as Oprah Winfrey no longer has a platform on national television. Consequently, we are currently limiting ourselves to focusing on how to deal with the most difficult issues that the president may face on the campaign trail. Here are the tentative guidelines we’ve developed:

The Stimulus Package: The president will face criticism that after nearly $800 billion in government spending, the economy has yet to make significant strides in the right direction. We will hit back hard, noting that out of the five jobs that the stimulus created, three included access to a company car (a hybrid, naturally). We will also note that much of the stimulus money was redirected to foreign aid. We will remain silent, however, about the fact that “foreign aid” is a euphemism for the fact that Vice President Biden fell prey to an e-mail scam from a man claiming to be a Nigerian prince.

Health Care: Our opponents will attempt to capitalize on the notion that our health care reform plan represented a government takeover of the medical industry. We will rebut this argument by strongly implying that we saw Paul Ryan robbing a senior citizens’ home with a group of oil executives.

Weakness in Foreign Affairs: The president will be hit with allegations that he is a feckless commander-in-chief, unable to quickly or resolutely make decisions. We are currently at work on a behind-the-scenes documentary film that will undercut these claims. The movie will show moments where the president acted with executive dispatch, including when he personally selected the appropriate iPod for the Queen of England, when he issued an executive order prohibiting Khalid Sheikh Mohammed from receiving turndown service at Guantanamo Bay, and when he successfully negotiated Middle East peace (we’re still waiting on that last piece of footage, but it should arrive any day now).

Cultural Elitism: We can count on populists to attack the president for talking about arugula to voters in Iowa, disparaging rural Americans for being “bitter” and “cling[ing] to guns or religion” and taking frequent and lavish vacations. To give him the common touch, we are currently working on securing the president a role as judge on the next season of “American Idol.” This will only be successful, however, if we can reign in his natural tendency to blame the travails of losing contestants on “big insurance companies” and “fat-cat bankers.”

In short, we expect a hotly contested but ultimately successful reelection campaign. After four years, it is still clear that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for – despite the fact that no one at headquarters has been able to ascertain exactly what that means.

Volvo C30 Campaign Wants Hate And Love

We don’t know whether to love or hate this new Euro RSCG 4D Amsterdam-created campaign for Volvo’s C30 but that’s the whole point. You’ll see what we mean after you view the first spot. Well? Love it? Hate it? Do tell. The second spot is just plain weird. Each spot points to a Freewill website (not live yet) filled with all sorts of interactive games and widgets.

What’s this $35,800 limit that is always associated with Obama’s reelection campaign fundraisers?

Warren Buffett the latest to host one:

Why is President Obama violating federal campaign finance laws by filming for fundraisers in the White House?

Or do those laws only apply to everyone else?

Why is President Obama violating federal campaign finance laws by filming for fundraisers in the White House?

Or do those laws only apply to everyone else?