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Fun things to bring to summer camp?

I am going to a summer camp in Maine for 7 and a half weeks, and this is my 7th and final year. I obviously want it to be the best year, and I want to bring cool and fun things like chairs, and decorative things. I obviously know to bring like bug spray and toilet paper and all the supplies, but does anyone know anything fun to decorate or bring to the cabin?

Is cheer camp fun? What should I bring?

I’m going next week and i’m sooo excited! I have never been but we are staying at college and i’m rooming with my 3 best friends :)
Any tips to make it more fun? What should I bring? Is it really fun?

How much is it to have a party at camp pendelton paintball park in California?

I plan to have my birthday there. i never been paint balling before, i don’t know what i need or would have to do. How much would a party of 15 people cost? would i need to do anything? would i have to bring anything?

Any suggestions for games to play with kids during camp?

i’m a camp counselor, We take the kids to a pool and park. Any outdoor games or pool games would be great.

CAMP GAMES! HELP. 10 points to best answer!!!?

I am hosting a mini camp for my sister and three of her friends. they are around 14 years old. we have plenty of land and places to go for activities.. i’m just wondering what some good games would be for these four teenage girls who already know each other very well.. they will be staying in my home for 7 days…. thanks.

Do Army boot camp instructors make fun of people or bring out their insecurities?

I really want to join the US Army and starting to understand what basic training will be like. I am worried about the drill instructors due to the fact that they seem so mean and like assholes. I am willing to put up with the crap that they give me. However, I really would not like it if they will make fun of me and point out my insecurites in front of people. Do they do this? If so, how should I be prepared?

im going to a camp which has a policy of no electronics what do i bring for fun ?

im in australia and i need to bring clothes too lol.
Plz help im going in 16 days and the weather is very random in aus.
what to bring? i do get a notice on what to bring but every year i seem to get annoyed with what i pack. PLZ HELP URGENT!

What are some good things to bring to camp?

I am going to a summer camp for two weeks, and i was wondering what some good things to bring are. Not like clothes, but more like fun things to bring for free time in the cabin.

What happens at a church camp and what should I bring?

Well, I was planning on going to church camp next summer:)
What is it like? What kind of activities do you get to do? Is it fun?:)
What should I bring? Thanks for your answers:)

ps. I will be going to a baptist church camp!

What are five fun things I need to bring to basketball camp?

I am doing a basketball camp with my friends in three days. It is all girls. What should I bring either to wear to play in or to play games with my friends.