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Minecraft Xbox: how to build a bounce house

40th Birthday Party Ideas – Time-lapse of Marquee build through to the night of the party

A great 40th Birthday Party on one of the last days of the summer. We put together the whole event. Marquee, Lighting, Catering including Cocktail Bar. Mobil…

How to build an inflatable Water Park?

I have two children.I want to build a water park for them.But i don’t know how to do it.Can you help me?

How to build a party tent / the making of party tent II

With the experience of party tent 1 and after having read the instructions, here is the second time lapse movie of how i build a party tent. Now just how its…

Is it more dangerous to ride amusement park rides or build them what do you think?

There are many tall amusement park rides like roller coasters etc a lot of people have fears of riding them because they’re afraid they might die. Now my question do you think it’s more dangerous to ride them or build them?

How to build a good singing voice?

Hi. I wanna perform on the third season of the xFactor, but my voice is quite shit. Are there some tricks to develop a great singing voice in, say, a year?

how to build amateur radio communication system?

Please i am looking for some details over this, what equipments are needed and how easy it is to do? what will be its range? and how much cost will it take?

What would be a good name for a fundraiser to build a high school football stadium?

Bartlett High School, a school in Illinois was established in 1997.
We are yet to have a stadium like the other schools in our U-46 district.
A new school in our district SEHS, established in 2005, has their stadium being built right now.
Im going to be BHS football player, class of 2016, and I want a stadium.
What is a good name for a fundraiser, to get the process in high gear?
Leave comment below!

What motherboard should i use in a new gaming PC build?

I have a budget of £600 and at the very max £700.
I have chose an Intel i5 3570k Processor, and a Coolermaster Storm Enforcer case..

Which motherboard would be suited to me? I want to play games, and will choose a GPU in time.
I had my eye on the Asus-P8Z77-V Motherboard, but is it necessary?
Are there better suggestions on what to spend money on?


Starting out in kite boarding, Build my own set up or buy the complete kits?

It’s something I’ve been wanting to get into for a long time and now that i’m finally moving back to the coast i can but heres the deal, i also ride bmx and i build all my bikes to my size/preference and riding style & i know when you go out and buy a complete bike the geometry is usually off in certain areas and sometimes just the whole bike with certain manufactures and that causes people to not be able to learn as quickly but with a bike you can usually add better parts to the frame and build as you ride. So anyways what i guess i’m getting to is i want a board/kite that won’t hold me back but at the same time i’m worried about a setup that i can’t handle to the point where i just wont learn anything on it. I’ve seen some complete kits but a lot come off as a joke, how should i go about this? any specific brands, completes that would work best? i want to get into freestyle and keep it under $1500.
Guy’s, thanks for the reply’s but i didn’t literally mean make my own set up from scratch lol, with the kite board or bikes. I mean like i ride certain size handle bars, stems, cranks, forks ect.. and it looks like theirs a lot to the gear used to kite boarding with the harness, board, fins, fittings, kite. i’m talking about putting together the best set up of already manufactured parts together for me and what i’m willing to spend.
Oh,and i already wake board and snowboard so i don’t see it being much different (although i’m sure their is obviously a difference) I would imagine the basics are similar and i don’t do classes lol.