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American Idol – CJ Harris sings ‘If It Hadn’t Been For Love’ Top 9

American Idol Top 9 – American Idol Next VIDEO: CJ Harris sings ‘If It Hadn’t Been For Love’ on American Idol 2014 by Rickey Yaneza on March 26, 2014 at 9:36…

so have we really been to the moon?

I have been doing a little Research and was surprised that some of the moon landing hoax theories make some sense. The moon is 234,000 miles away, we were in a race with the russians, did we really have the technology in the 60′s, the japanese have taken high quality pictures of the moons surface with a satellite orbiting the moon, and there have been no pictures of the equipment left behind from the moon landings. Im not saying we haven’t been there im just saying it made me think! What do you think???
agian, im not saying we havnt been there, it just makes you think a little. with thoughts and questions come answers. Oh and the japanese pictures are high resolution dude. get the facts straight.
Cant anyone answer a question without insulting the person who asked it. I just brought out some theories that were out there, not my theories! I never once said I didnt think we were there! for all the people who were insulting, go F#ck your self!

How many people have actually been killed at Disney themeparks and how?

What has been the most profitable fundraiser at your children’s school?

I am searching for profitable fundraisers for my children’s school. I am open to all of your ideas.
Thank you so much,
All of your answers are wonderful. I am looking for fundraising events that might yield $100,000 or more. auctions, antique shows, house tours etc.

What’s your favorite amusement park that you have been too?

And what was your favorite ride?

How many people have been killed/crippled at Cedar Point?

It would be quite interesting to see this and on what rides.
I’m skeptical that none have, show me sources.

Has anyone been to any of the Amusement parks like Cedarpoint or KingsIsland?

Planning a trip to Cedar point, havent’ been since i was a kid. Any suggestions on where to stay and what are the best rides or attractions. I was hoping to plan the SpookFest that happens in September -October, anyone been? I hear it is fun. Most people come dressed in customes.

What is the scariest ride you have been on?

I was just reading this and it made me laugh so much.. lol love his expressions. What are some scary rides you guys have been on and where?

What is the all-time scariest or best ride you’ve been on?

I’m talking about amusement park rides, mainly roller coasters.

What is the best amusement park you’ve ever been to?

I love to ride roller coasters they are so much fun. I live in Georgia and we have alot of roller coasters at Six Flags. We’ve been on extreme on the travel channel and it is so much fun to see them it makes my palms sweat and my stomach churn just watching some of them. just give me the amusement park and were its at and I could look up the roller coasters and see how cool they are. thanks so much those who type in your favorites.