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Astronaut Tom Jones on WMAL 08-03-12

INTERVIEW: DR. TOM JONES – former NASA astronaut — flew 4 space shuttle missions, led 3 spacewalks & lived/worked 53 days in spece — and author of “Planeto…

The Orbital Perspective by Astronaut Ron Garan

The Orbital Perspective by Astronaut Ron Garan. Astronaut Ron Garan presents a talk about life in space and the perspective of our planet from orbit. Ron is …

Dr. Tom Marshburn, Davidson College graduate and NASA astronaut, speaks in Statesville, NC

Dr. Tom Marshburn is an engineer, a physician, a 1982 graduate of Davidson College, a NASA astronaut, and a native of Statesville, NC. After joining NASA in …

Canadian Astronaut Hadfield

Hadfield will head one and possibly two scheduled spacewalks—one of which to equip an aging external radiator with grapple beams. The grapple beams would per…

TEDxISU Astronaut Ron Garan Open Source Space, Unity Node & An Orbital Perspective

Colonel Ronald Garan is a NASA astronaut recently returned from a six month mission of exploration and scientific research onboard the International Space St…

NASA Astronaut Suni Williams visits Little Elm High School

Captain Suni Williams visited with students at Little Elm High school to discuss her experiences in space and the importance of pursuing education and follow…

Astronaut Tom Marshburn Takes Questions From Kids at the Newseum

The Newseum hosted NASA astronaut Tom Marshburn for a Q&A event with children while Expedition 36 Flight Engineers Chris Cassidy of NASA and Luca Parmitano o…

What would you like to ask?What color would an astronaut on the surface of the Moon see if she looked up at th?

What color would an astronaut on the surface of the Moon see if she looked up at the sky there? Explain.

By what factor does astronaut pace of walking slow down on the Moon, compared to walking on Earth?

Here is a YouYube video, showing such walk

but anyway everyone saw that astronauts walk noticeably slower on the Moon.

Granted, inconvenient space suit has something to do with it, but lets consider a rectified situation, namely if build a space station on the Moon and inside the station one can walk dressed like on Earth on a summer day.

What was the first thing the astronaut seen

A little known trivia about Apollo 12.
What was the first thing the astronaut seen when he opened the
-checklist of things to do- upon landing on the moon.