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Where can I find warehouses to throw a party in the Houston area?

I would like to have some people gathered up for a party and have music, beerpong, kegs, etc…. anywhere in the Houston area closer to downtown/midtown or preferably somewhere that isn’t too far from a lot of places in Houston.

Where can I learn to break dance in the Dallas area?

Not like, spin on your head etc… Just wanna learn to pop and lock, moonwalk, etc… Just so I look mildly impressive in a club scenario. Most dance schools seem to only teach ballet, jazz, ‘drill team’, etc… I’m just looking for Michael Jackson techniques so to speak :P (and maybe Omarion). Near the highland park area if possible. Otherwise just the nearest place.

are there any cabins in the pigeon forge/gatlinburg tennessee area for rent without a 2 night minimum stay?

I’m trying to find a cabin for May in the pigeon forge/gatlinburg tennesse area that would allow me to book for only one night and i can’t find one for some reason! Everywhere i check online has a minimum stay of 2 nights. I just want to have an awesome bridal shower/bachlorette party for my friend and i can’t find anything! ugh! please, help!

What company in the Orlando area rents animals for parties?

My son is having his first birthday and I want a barn-yard themed extravaganza. I am also looking for hay rides and ball pits. Any suggestions are extremely appreciated! Thanks!!

where can I buy chafing dishes in the Tampa Bay area ?

I have a big event coming up and need to purchase a few chafing dishes. I do not want to go to Party City and purchase the foil ones. I want/need nice ones. Actually, I am in the Clearwater/St.Pete area and will go to Tampa if need be. Thank you !!!

South Jersey area, ideas for party location?

My daughter is turning 13, we’d invite a couple of friends and lots of family. I don’t have room in my house this time of year so I need ideas of someplace inexpensive and cool. Poor girl always misses out because her bday is right before Christmas, I’ll have the party later this year, if I find a place! Help!

Picking out a Karaoke machine to rent for a party in Chicago area?

I am looking to rent one for my birthday. Though I’m not exactly sure where to look or what to look for. I want to get one that comes with songs already and lyrics.

What is a good bar in the NYC/Hoboken area to do a fundraiser event?

I am currently fundraising for a marathon and I want do do an open bar fundraiser. I am looking for a fun bar where people can dance or just hang out. and a GOOD DEAL for this. Thanks for the help!

Warehouses/Venues to rent for a big dance party in the California Bay Area?

I’m part of a high school club hosting a fundraiser dance party and we need a big warehouse or dance venue in the bay area. We would like to have a lot of people there, so the bigger the better. Any good places? It would be great if they were near public transportation

Is there an amusement park that’s just for babies in the New England area?

I’m looking for fun stuff to do with my 8 month old, I thought that would be cool if they had a place with rides just for babies. Anyone know of any? I’ve never heard of one, but maybe someone else has. Thanks!