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Birthday ideas plz answer!!!?

i am having my 13th b-day party at a hotel in like 5 days and i need some ideas for games and activities! We will be swimming most of the time bcuz we love to swim!!! lol but i need more ideas??
are games like truth or dare ok? is manicures and pedicures a good idea HELP!!!

SURVEY: Amusement Parks (please read on for more details to answer)?

Which amusement park do you go to?
do you have a season pass?
whats your favorite ride?
whats your favorite game?
do you buy your food there or bring your own?
do you play more games or ride more rides?
have you ever got hurt at the park?
what is your favorite thing about that park?

thanks for your answers…its very much appreciated….add any details you want…

Party ideas. 10 pts. best answer.?

I am having a birthday party. we have 9 total ppl. Its going to be outdoors, hopefully on a sunny day.
Does anyone have an idea for fun activites, food, or anything else like that for sunny and possibly rainy days?

10pts. best answer!

I’m super scared please answer me?

Okay 14 female. Earlier today I rode on an inflatable water slide and cut up my legs real bad. But it’s a few hours later and I’m at home and I start to feel sore. I have been stuffy for about 3 days now. So here ate my symptoms: stuffy nose, chest pressure, jaw pains, shoulder pains. My mom told me to shower so I did and it felt good until I stopped the water. Now I’m in my bed and my chest stopped hurting as much but my shoulders and jaw still do and I’m scared. I don’t know what to do. Please help I’m like crying right now. Thanks in advance.

How to answer these following interview questions?

-Co-worker does something dishonest what would you do?
-You have had a bad day before coming to work, how would you deal with that when you arrive to work?
-A co-worker has a easier way doing something that not in the rules and regulations then what you do?

Ps. I applied to an amusement park. (rides management)

answer please, party hlep!?

im having a 14th birthday party soon, i need games and theme ideas.
Maybe i was thinking about Murder mystery or americas next top model.

What are the “bad” parts of GTA san andreas? Please, if you haven’t played the game, do not answer.

My father is concerned that the game is perhaps to mature for me. I think it is, but how would I know if it isn’t, my immaturaty clouding my judgement. So, I decided to leave it up to him, and of course, the lovely answers community. Please, spare no detail, however small, about GTA san andreas, and it’s negative side. I also request that you also add some possitive things. Thanks

Michael Jackson fans:Can you answer my question?

I was just wondering if any of you know if the book he wrote(Michael Jackson autobiography,moonwalk)is in stores?
Also do you know of any other books he’s wrote?If so,can you tell me what they are called?

answer to the interactive card guessing game?

what is the devilishly simple answer to the interactive card game where the computer guesses which card you have mentally picked from a group of 6?

CAMP GAMES! HELP. 10 points to best answer!!!?

I am hosting a mini camp for my sister and three of her friends. they are around 14 years old. we have plenty of land and places to go for activities.. i’m just wondering what some good games would be for these four teenage girls who already know each other very well.. they will be staying in my home for 7 days…. thanks.