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Do you believe the Moon landing was real ?

I watched a documentary about how people think it was faked and I also watched another de-bunking the theories , just interested in your opinions x


Looking for michael jackson’s moonwalk book! List your price if you have one!!

Poll: Bouncing house or water slide for birth day?

Fun things to bring to summer camp?

I am going to a summer camp in Maine for 7 and a half weeks, and this is my 7th and final year. I obviously want it to be the best year, and I want to bring cool and fun things like chairs, and decorative things. I obviously know to bring like bug spray and toilet paper and all the supplies, but does anyone know anything fun to decorate or bring to the cabin?

how to make you voice like …. ?

is there a way to make your voice similar to Avril Lavigne???

help with throwing a party based off theses themes?

im really into raves and flash parties kinda based off theses videos:
lady gaga just dance
big time rush city is ours
breathe carolina i.d.g.a.f
the cab take my hand
if you have in sugeustions, additional ideas or comments please answer

What is that inflatable ball called?

know that huge ball u can get inside and roll around in

MAYDAY BMEF Fundraiser 2012 14


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Wedding Tent for your Traditional Wedding

We present traditional wedding tent for your wedding that will make your wedding a royal wedding and unforgettable; view this and share your thought hare.

VIDEO: Astronauts fix cooling system

VIDEO: Astronauts fix cooling system Two NASA astronauts, their spacesuits rigged with snorkels in case of a water leak, floated outside the International Sp…