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A good party rental supply store?

Ok I am having a party this Saturday may 22 and I really want a fog machine And strobe lights for my party buy I keep looking to see were I can rent them and I haven’t found any thing so if u can plz. Help me that would be great thanks

FairMont, West Virginia

This is where John grew up. I met 2 of his uncles and an aunt. They would speak Italian at times so I would not know what they were saying. Must have been ta…

Is renting a bounce house a pain in the butt?

I’m thinking about renting a bounce house for my daughter’s sixth birthday party next month. I’m just wondering about other people’s experiences before I book it. I’m not sure why, but I am really concerned that a kid will vomit in it.

Bulldog Interactive Fitness- Calgary!

Our newest gym in Calgary, Alberta. Bulldog Interactive Fitness is the first fitness facility designed exclusively for youth. With interactive games, persona…

Fundraisers: Golf Tournament for the Duarte Boxing Club

Don’t miss out to have some fun and support a great cause! Starting at $50.

Ballerinas in the Moon Bounce

Moon Bounce

Image taken on 2009-06-17 18:11:55 by MikeWebkist.

Lil Jacks moonwalks and party center La Porte Texas

Great place for kids.

Interactive video games?

One of my favorite video game is “Fahrenheit” a.k.a. Indigo prophecy. I enjoyed that game so much, replayed couple of times, from start to finish. I really like that genre. Are there other games like that? bit of puzzle, bit of action and interesting story line.
I mean Interactive Movies – to be more specific. If you played above mentioned game, you know what i mean.

What are some fun things to bring on a school trip?

My dance team is going on a school trip pretty soon and my roommates and I are trying to think of really fun stuff to bring. One of my friends is even bringing strobe lights so we can have random dance parties. Haha(: Anyways, we are just trying to think of lots of fun things to bring on our trip and we were wondering if anyone had any really cool ideas of what to bring. Also, snack ideas and stuff do to on the plane trip over would be really appreciated. Thanks!
PS: please don’t tell us about not bringing stuff on this trip because we won’t have time to do anything on a school trip or anything like that.. we just want some ideas!

having issues projecting my voice?

i’m having trouble singing from my diaphragm and projecting my voice.
what can i do? this is what i sound like now