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What happened tonight on dancing with the stars and american idol?

how did Adam on american idol do? and who left from dancing with the stars?

Any advice for a 3 year old who loves amusement rides but cries when the ride is over?

My daughter loves to go to parks and loves the rides, but screams everytime the ride is over. Any advice? It’s so hard to watch her having a great time and then scream like the world is coming to an end. Hopefully it’s just a phase, however this seems like a really long phase as it started when she was old enough to ride on rides.
We are ready to give up on her and not take her to amusement parks until she’s a little older.
She cries because she doesn’t want the ride to be over.
Explanations have been given and threats of leaving and actually leaving have also been tried.

Haiti Fundraiser T-Shirt M

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CASA fundraisers helps abused children

CASA fundraisers helps abused children
It’s very clear to Traci Mears.

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How to make $5000 per week in the Party Rental Business Part 2

How to make $5000 per week in the Party Rental Business Part 2

I wish I had a dollar for every time a new comer to our business has asked me how to maintain a day job, while renting bouncers on the weekend. The problem with trying to do both is the burn out rate. It happens to the best of us, and consequently it happens to all of us at one point or another. 

If your goal is to succeed in the party rental business then you may want to consider going all in, if you can afford it. This is the reason 10 bouncers is the magic number, it gives you all the cash flow you need in order to run your party rental business fulltime.

Like I said before our goal is always to grow, and how we grow is just as important as when we decide to grow. Starting your inventory will allow you the freedom to grow your business according to your strategy, while enjoying the revenue that 10 units will produce. With the perfect starting inventory you can then place yourself on a projected plan to add two additional units each month until you arrive at your ideal capacity.

The good news is you’re not starving in order to grow your business, but you are growing at a rate that will allow you to build up a cash escrow. 

The key to building a $5000 a week party rental business is to diversify your inventory with units that will produce $5000 a week. For example if you have started you party rental business with 10 bouncers and now you’re using part of your revenue to buy 2 water slides per month, within 3 months you will have six new water slides in your inventory.

Now remember what I said about having a very diverse inventory, it will take high demand units in order to reach your cash goal.  Adding concession equipment like cotton candy, snow cone, and popcorn machines is a great way to boost your weekly sales revenue

I strongly advise you to build your inventory using the following strategy and you will very quickly exceed a weekly goal of $5000 per week.

This article is Part 2 of 2 articles in a series titled How to make $5000 per week in the Party Rental Business. If you would like to receive Part 1 of this series then please call we at 1- 888- 317-7013 and we will more than happy to forward you all the free training material you need to get started. 

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Please remember “If you inflate it they will come”.

Tyronne Jacques – Bouncer Boss

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Adam Lambert Heading Back to American Idol!

Adam Lambert Heading Back to American Idol!
ADAM Lambert is heading back to American Idol. The singer — who came second on last year’s season of the hit TV talent show — will appear as a mentor on the April 13 episode and perform his single Whataya Want From Me during the results show. It’s not yet known what theme the contestants will tackle [...]

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Two Great Amusement Rides at the MN State Fair.

Hard Rock & Space Roller ride.

American Idol

American Idol is an American singing competition. It is part of the Idol series, originating from the UK show Pop Idol, a singing contest to determine the best singer in the UK. In recent years it has become one of the most highly publicized music competitions in the world, reaching the status of a phenomenon.

Season 1

The first season of American Idol debuted without hype as a summer replacement show in June 2002 on the Fox Broadcasting Company after being rejected by numerous other networks. The show’s co-hosts were Ryan Seacrest and Brian Dunkleman. Through word of mouth generated by the appeal of its contestants and the presence of acid-tongued British judge Simon Cowell, the show grew into a phenomenon. An estimated fifty million people watched the Season 1 finale in September 2002. Following such a success, the second season was moved to air the upcoming January.

Season 2

In Season 2, Seacrest surfaced as the lone host. Dunkleman reportedly hated working on the show and the studio was dissatisfied with his performance. Kristin Holt was a special correspondent. This time, Ruben Studdard emerged as the winner with Clay Aiken as a very close runner-up. Out of 24 million votes recorded, Studdard finished just 130,000 votes ahead of Aiken.

Season 3

The third season of American Idol premiered on January 19, 2004. The winner of this season of American Idol was Fantasia Barrino, later known professionally as simply “Fantasia,” and the runner-up was Diana Degarmo. This was also the season that Golden Globe Award-winning and Acadamy Award-winning actress Jennifer Hudson was discovered.

Season 4

The fourth season of American Idol premiered on January 18, 2005. It was the first season in which the age limit was raised to 28, in order to increase variety. All Season 4 contestants had to be between the ages of 16 and 28 on August 4, 2004, born on or between August 5, 1975 and August 4, 1988. Among those who benefited from this new rule were Constantine Maroulis (born September 17, 1975) and Bo Bice (born November 1, 1975), considered to be the eldest and somewhat most experienced of the season’s Idol contestants. They were also constantly mentioned by Seacrest and in the media as “the two rockers”, since their long hair and choice of rock songs made them stand out from conventional Idol standards. The presence of more rock-oriented contestants has continued with Chris Daughtry in Season 5, who was inspired to audition for the show by Bice.

This season also implemented new rules for the final portion of the contest. Instead of competing in semi-final heats in which the top vote-getters are promoted to the final round, 24 semi-finalists were named; 12 men and 12 women, who competed separately, with 2 of each gender being voted off each week until 12 finalists were left.

Season 5

The fifth season of American Idol began on January 17, 2006; this was the first season of the series to be aired in high definition. Auditions were in Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver and San Francisco, with Greensboro, North Carolina and Las Vegas, Nevada included after the cancellation of the Memphis auditions due to Hurricane Katrina. The season used the same rules as Season 4. Contestants had to be between the ages of 16 and 28 on 2005, being born on or between August 16, 1976 and 1989. Chris Daughtry was discovered during this season after being voted in one of the most surprising eliminations.

Finalist Bucky Covington also had prior troubles with the law. Coincidentally, Covington’s crimes involved himself and his twin brother, Rocky. The two had allegedly switched spots in 1998 to confuse the police. However, this prior crime had no effect on Covington’s time on American Idol, and he was voted off on April 12.

Season 6

American Idol Season 6 began on Tuesday, January 16, 2007. The premiere episode of the season drew a massive audience of 37.7 million viewers, peaking in the last half hour with more than 41 million viewers. It has been reported that the 2006 British The X Factor winner Leona Lewis is scheduled to perform on an early episode of American Idol Season 6, thanks to the connection with Simon Cowell.

Season 7

The seventh season of American Idol is expected to take place beginning in January 2008, with auditions likely to be held starting in July 2007. Few other details are known at this time.

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iPad has Wi-Fi problems, some users say

iPad has Wi-Fi problems, some users say
Users who rushed to snap up Apple’s iPad are complaining within days of the slate computer’s highly anticipated release that they’re having trouble connecting it to the Internet.

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