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I would like to start a fundraiser.?

I am starting a small fundraiser to raise money for medical expenses for a friend. We will do a “Christmas stuff” garage sale in Nov., but we also thought to do a raffle of donated items. Are there laws I need to worry about concerning small item prizes and selling raffle tickets. This may differ by state, I am in Texas.

fundraiser ideas for grad project involving photography?

i have to do a graduation project to graduate and i would like to involve photography because i am planning on going into a photography career…i need some ideas for a fundraiser i could do involving either my church or school.

MAYDAY BMEF Fundraiser 2012 14


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Garage Sale Or Yard Sale Fundraisers

Garage Sales and Yard Sales are two of the more typical fundraisers to conduct. They are fun and a good way to involve the community in your efforts. You don…

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Fundraisers That Actually Work…?

What are some fundraisers that actually work? We need to raise money for PROM, and I’d say it has to be possible for a group of about 30-40 people. Ones I know that work are Fun Pasta and Gertrude Hawk Candy Bars, but I need more than that. I don’t care if they’re not unique and everybody uses them. I just care if they make money. Also, if you know of a specific company that does the fundraising you’re talking about, that’d be great.

Obama and McCain both held fundraisers?? ?

Everyone is flipping out over Obama fundraising around 10 million dollars at 2 events in Hollwood on tuesday. But McCain failed to mention that he had a fundraiser on 09/15/08 the monday before that in miami which brought in 5.1 million and a fundraiser in hollywood which brought in 4.7 million on 08/25/08.

If john McCain is taking public financing (85 million??i think I don’t know) then why is he fundraising?? How much more is he allowed to fundraise on top of the 85million dollar check.

And is Obama taking taking Public Financing?? I think I heard he wasn’t but then he changed his mind??
well actually no I’m not whining. This was a project I did for extra credit for the “worst news story of the week”. If you didn’t see candy crowley report on Obama’s Hollywood fundraiser and not report on McCain”s fundraiser on Monday (9-15-08) then you should watch it. They mislead the public by proclaiming Obama as an elitist even though McCain is bringing in the same bux at fundraisers even though he doesn’t have some celebrities on his side.

And McCain had to point out in Vienna Ohio during a speech that Obama was going to hang out with his celebrity friends.. even though mccain friends must not be poor if he’s pulling ni over 5 million dollars in a 1-night fundraiser..

I was just wanting equal coverage news..

Mrs Inez Louisa Marden of Matraville, fundraiser for the troops during the Zulu, Sudan, Boer and First World Wars honoured by War Widows or nurses, Sydney, ca. 1950 / photographer Sam Hood


Image taken on 1950-00-01 00:00:00 by State Library of New South Wales collection.

Al Franken fundraiser


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