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How to hold a fundraiser event?


ok, so a few other students and i are planning a couple fundraisers in the summer, 5k run & a banquet. we are trying to think of a theme for the banquet. the purpose of it is so in a couple of yrs we can raise some money for this program we are in, a mentoring program, we can have scholarship money. one of the leaders suggested something like:
Funding the Future…
but me and the my partners on this project don’t really have any themes to come up with. if you guys know any dealing with college, future, students,scholarship,… anything, please can you help me.. <3

Taqueria del Sol Fundraisers on January 28 & 30, 2014

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I need some help with a fundraiser?

My school is holding a fundraiser for raffle tickets. Are there any ideas of how i can sell the tickets? To be honest I’m not such an extrovert and I don’t really want to be a door-to-door salesman, or ask my teachers or friends for money. I also have a friend in the same situation, maybe we could help each other out but she’s clueless too.
Thanks, and please no bs answers.

Where can I hold a carwash fundraiser?

Where do people have carwashes for fundraisers? We want to do one for a club at my school in our city but all the grocery stores ive asked if they have had a water facility on the building on the outside say they dont have one. Ive asked ralphsm albertsons, and henrys. What places would have a water facility that we can just attach our hoses to and use? thanks

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Good grade 9 fundraisers in a small community?

Ones we already have- ice cream sale, burger sale, bake sale, vegetable sale, raffle tickets, selling chocolate almonds, popcorn sale, school fundraisers from lamontange and sunsweet, What else could we do?

School Fundraiser please help?

ok so here is the whole story my advanced chior normally has about 5 fundraisers for this time of year but everyone this year wants to have a huge percentage of our money and we just cant afford it. we need the money to purchase new supplies and to help certain kids go on our annual disney trip which this year is going to be 6 flags and we will be staying over night for the first time but i want to help my teacher come up with new fundraising ideas because she is like a second mother to be and i love her so much so PLEASE HELP!!!!

Lord Chris Rennard – Inspiration for Fundraisers, The Swiss International Fundraising Congress 2012

Closing Plenary at the Swiss International Fundraising Congress 2012 on the theme of Inspiration for Fundraisers was given by Lord Christopher Rennard.