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Do you know how to moonwalk while ice skating?

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Brunch Birthday Party Help!?

Hi everyone! So I am throwing myself a little birthday party for my 17th birthday. I will be having around 8 of my closest friends there and I am not quite sure what I should do. I do have most of it planned out. First off it is breakfast at Tiffany’s theme. So it will be a brunch party. I am having it at my house and have already decided on the decorations. Then for food we are having mini pancakes, french toast, bacon, sausage, quiche, brownies, home fries, fruit salad, and cake. I am drawing out how my cake is going to look and how I want it done exactly. I am not sure on activities though. and that’s the part that i really need help on. Can someone please give me some ideas on activities we can do? Oh and also I have a strict $200 budget. Since I am paying for the whole party.

What should I bring to volleyball camp?

Hi, i’m going to a volleyball camp this week, and I need to know what to bring. Thanks!
it’s a day camp

amusement park date help?

I’m going to sadies at an amusement park. idk if my date actually likes me but were good friends and have a lot of things in common… i like him tho. im really scared of rides and he loves them. what kind of stuff should we do there and how do i go on the rides with him? im so scared.
is it weird to hold his hand/hold on to him on the scary rides or anything? how do i hold on to him?

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Do you have any ideas for my fundraiser?

I was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. I am going to plan a fundraiser for diabetes research. I am looking for name ideas, themes any sort of ideas. No idea is a silly idea! Anything will help!

17th birthday party sugestions ?

Last year I had a pretty lame birthday party and I dont want that to happen again.
The lame part of it was my family was there the whole time monitoring everything. Its gonna be that way this year again.
I dont wanna have the whole stand around the cake and sing happy birthday cause thats always awkward and no one likes awkward moments. I dont want it to be a traditional party.
So I suppose I want to know, what can we do at the party that will be fun excluding drinking, weed, or sex?
So far my idea is a BlackLight House Party.
Im planning on having a Henna Tattooist there, put black paper all over the walls and get highlighers so people can write on them, loud music, glow int the dark paint to put on each other, a few lame games like water balloon fights (outside obvs), truth or dare, spin the bottle, musical chairs (with lots of smoke in the dark room with the strobe lights n such), making human sundays (whip cream, syrup, etc), after the sundays we’d have to wash off so i’d hose them off then have a wet tshirt contest. Then the girls can sleep over and we can sleep outside in a tent or something. What else do you think would be fun?
Also, what songs would be good to play? Something to dance to.

American Idol copies…?

My parents were watching the X Factor show tonight, and I was thinking that the X Factor is just like American Idol. Don’t you feel that every singing competition show is copying American Idol or is that how singing competition shows should be?

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