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Poor American Idol?

I have watched most seasons of A. I. I used to think season 3 was the worst but I think this is the most boring,poor and just awful season. I don’t care if anyone wins. the songs they have chose are poor and so old time.. I mean its American Idol not Andrew Loyd Webber Idol

2013 West Virginia State University Football Season Highlight

Music by Eminem – Survival; MMLP2 ; Eminem – Berzerk; MMLP2 ; Macklemore – Can’t Hold Us; The Heist.

Pinkie Pie’s Big Bounce House

Get the track here!: Twitter: @LavenderHMusic Tumblr:…

Quiz Show Series – Ancient Egypt

This pre-made Boardmaker activity features playful, interactive games designed to engage kids with interesting facts and trivia as they build world knowledge…

Double double pie face | United Way fundraiser

Image taken on 2012-10-24 13:59:56 by Thompson Rivers.

If You Saw Mjackons Lying On the Floor What Would You Do?

1. call for help
2. take a picture your gonna be rich
3. leave him for dead him to see what he has

me – 2 i would take so many pics

A fun online interactive game?

I’m looking for an online game to play, something where I can interact with other players, like the game Toon Town. I’d rather not have to pay, but if that’s not possible, it’s okay. I dont want anything crazy like WOW or anything, just something like The Sims maybe, where I can customize myself and go on adventures. I like RPGs.

does any one know a way to get cheats for club penguin?

not by playing games and not by hacking. i just need coins and i wanted to know if there was another way to get it.

camping trip- fun items to bring?

i am going camping and wondering what small thing i could bring for entertainment.

David Fonseca – “Just The Two Of Us” George Benson – Prova Cega – The Voice Portugal – Season

Subscreve o nosso canal do “The Voice Portugal” Mais do The Voice Portugal: Gosta do The…