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English Lesson 01: The verb ‘to be’: Exercise 1 (Interactive) When you start learning English, the first thing you need to learn about is the verb ‘to be’. Our previous video explained…

what to do at a party?

im having about 30 people over and we dont know wat to do.

wat are some night game ideas and how to play them?

yeah i know truth or dare, music, && talk but wat else?

Voice actor anime question ?

Who do you think would be a good voice actor for King cold ” DBZ” and why ?? Give some voice work they did in in the past or some reference .

Amusement park and pregnant?

My sister did 2 pregnancy tests and they were both positive. So, it’s been 2 months already but she just found out. Anyway, last weekend we went on rollercoasters and drop rides. Did it hurt the baby? Can she miscarry? Would she have miscarried earlier?

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Things to do in Kauai with 8 month old?

Can you recommend any activities we can do with a 8month old in Kauai in summer timeframe. We’re looking for short drives, excursions etc. thanks

Quick and Easy Fundraiser for Senior Scholarship?

4 senior girls are trying to raise money for a senior scholarship. we need some ideas on quick and easy fundraisers to make some money! any ideas?

3x3mtr Party Tent Green – Esc Europe Ltd

Majesty Rose Auditions – AMERICAN IDOL SEASON XIII

Majesty Rose was in The Chamber chomping at the bit to get the chance to audition for her judges. Was her performance of “Violet Hill” by Coldplay worth the …

Was the moon landing “faked”?