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Hollywood Week Day 2 – 13 Group Performances: No Judging! – American Idol XIII 2014: Season 13

13 Groups. american idol 2014, season 13, episode 8, no judging, just singing (All Groups that were shown) Watch full audition clips at…

Lopez Tonight Show tWitch Talks MJ and Moonwalks

Lopez Tonight Lopez Tonight Lopez Tonight Lopez Tonight Lopez Tonight Lopez Tonight Lopez Tonight Lopez Tonight Lopez Tonight Lopez Tonight Lopez Tonight Lop…

Tips on taking pictures while on Amusement park rides for couple portraits?

I was typing this and all of a sudden it like deleted everything I typed.

A few weeks ago a client came to me and asked if I would do couple portraits for them. I agreed and because of them being teenagers I said I would do this for them for not much. They are just a lovely couple and seem so perfect that I’m sure the pictures will have something good to them.

The local fair is here this week and I know there are some rides that you can easily take pictures on such as the Ferris Wheel. We also would be shooting in another location so its just them.
I know its dangerous to use a camera on fast ones.

Is there any other rides that would good for pictures?(I know places vary rides, but maybe some that you think would be nice if they have it) Also, any tips on taking pictures while on the ride?(I have the neck strap, and probably getting wrist on just to be safe.)
I need tips on shooting them while we are on rides. I dont need a list of rides. Thats a good idea about asking if you could shoot early, I just dont know if the carnies would let me.


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Neelam Makhijani on the importance of impact for fundraisers

Neelam Makhijani, Chief Executive of the Resource Alliance, talks to UK Fundraising’s Howard Lake about the importance of impact for fundraisers. Impact is t…

Did you hear about the fire at the circus? The heat was in tents.

I have sooooooo much to do todayyyy. But I love you! Also, you should just tell your mom you are talking on the phone or something to one of your friends! Th…


The Orbital Perspective by Astronaut Ron Garan

The Orbital Perspective by Astronaut Ron Garan. Astronaut Ron Garan presents a talk about life in space and the perspective of our planet from orbit. Ron is …

What not to do at a Bounce House

You’ll laugh so hard.

Why is the moon red and so low tonight?