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VE2ZAZ – First EME (Moonbounce) Radio Contact with HB9Q

This is my first ever EME (Moonbounce) Amateur Radio contact. Only using a 13 element 432MHz yagi antenna and 80W of RF power. Transmission mode used is digi…

How do I make my voice Higher?

Ok so i am a girl, and my voice is a bit low. How do i naturally make it higher? i am planning to be somesort of singer, and i need my voice to sound betterr.

How do I take professional looking photos for party rentals?

I own a small party rental business, tables, chairs, bounce houses etc. I recently put up a website for the business but the pictures of the bounce houses are of shamefully poor quality. I dont want to hire a professional to take photos of the bounce houses, I want to take them myself and upload them to the website but I dont know what the ideal camera would be for such a thing. Could anyone recommend a camera to take such pictures? I know cameras get expensive but Im on a budget…

What are some good ideas for fundraisers for an orchestra?

I am president of my high school orchestra and i want to organize some fundraisers but i dont know what i should do. since we’re going to disneyland, the symphony, and a lot of other events, i need multiple ideas. thanks

50 Greatest American Idol Performances of All-Time

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Colourful inflatables for the children P1460935

Inflatable Rides
Image taken on 2011-05-02 13:45:54 by tomylees.

Are there any registered buses leaving from Glasgow to Edinburgh for the MoonWalk 2009?

I am hoping to take part in the MoonWalk 2009 in Edinburgh next June. I was just wondering if there are any buses which leave from Glasgow and go straight there?

What makes Call of Duty more frustrating than other games?

I’ve been pondering about this for some time. I’ve always noticed that there are more angry and frustrated people in matches on Call of Duty than there are on other games I’ve played, such as Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Battlefield 3, and Grand Theft Auto. What is it that Call of Duty does that other games don’t do, or rather don’t do as frequently that incites anger and frustration in individuals? Does the seemingly incredibly fast pace of Call of Duty increase adrenaline? Or is it also the type of community that is playing the game? Or is it something entirely different or a mixture of other reasons? I’m looking for what psychological and/or physical triggers cause such events. I understand that latency, dying, people hiding in dark corners and a myriad of reasons cause it, but WHY do these things cause it? I’m sure people are cognisant enough to see it is a game, but it seems some people become so incredibly angry at something that is supposed to bring fun and entertainment.

In summary of this already long text, what are the potential or actual reasons people become irritated with such minute things? What are the physical or psychological possibilities behind this? It would be interesting to understand how the workings of the mind are affected by the stimuli, or what stimuli trigger the emotions.

July Spacewalks Previewed on This Week @NASA

Expedition 36 Flight Engineers Chris Cassidy of NASA and Luca Parmitano of the European Space Agency will venture outside the International Space Station twi…