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what fun things can i do if i have a dislocated knee cap?

i was jumping in a moonwalk and i hit the side of it and my whole knee moved to the other side of my leg! i have to wear a brace! well thanks for the answers! e mail me

Is it a bad sign that I have a job interview tomorrow at 6 pm?

I’m 17 and I applied to an indoor amusement park as a ride operator, and they told me to come in at 6 pm tomorrow. I’ve never had interviews that late before, especially since it gets super dark at by 5 pm where I live.

Should I be worried? Does this mean my interview won’t be that long? Any thoughts?

As a Homeowner I want the tenants to move when their lesae expires?

My family purcahses a 2 damly home about 3 months ago and we inherited tenants. their lease was signed in january with the prior owner. we are not getting along and we need them out at the end of the contract. do we have to give them prior notice to non renewal of the lease? we’re bound to the current lease until 12/31/07 and they have a standard rental agreement stating 30 days notice to move. we have family members we want to take the apartment and they’re ready to move in as soon as the space is vacant.

first time on a plane ride!?

okay so i’m going to florida this summer, and i have never been on a plane before; i’m sixteen & i live in detroit, michigan, so what’re some things i should know?
like what kind of security procedures do they do?
can you carry any bags on with you?
can i bring an mp3/ipod and whatever?
what’s the worst part of flying?

*honestly, anything in general will probably help me.

what is a good made up fundraiser name for ronald mcdonald house charities?

For my project I have to make up a fundraiser for RMHC and I need to think of a creative slogan and what the purpose it…
the one I have is “don’t wear a frown, come visit the clown” but its not working out to well..

What would be a good slogan for donating to the ronald mcdonald house charities?

How do I detatch a family member from a video game?

My mom plays a game called Runescape and it is bothering me intensely recently. Yesterday she played for over 20 hours straight and now I am greatly disturbed

She found the game off of me when i was 13 and into it. Now she keeps blaming me for it when she asked about it and acts as if her addiction is perfectly normal. She is my mother, so most approaches I have made to take her off the game result in her warning to restrict me from things or stop doing normal stuff she usually does for me. I need help, it has been over 3 years and this is getting awful. I don’t know what to do since I have tried practically everything, she has no self-image.

What are SOME good birthday ideas for my SON?


What happens at a church camp and what should I bring?

Well, I was planning on going to church camp next summer:)
What is it like? What kind of activities do you get to do? Is it fun?:)
What should I bring? Thanks for your answers:)

ps. I will be going to a baptist church camp!

Do you think Andrew Garcia will make it to the Final 12 on American Idol?

I’m worried about his status on American Idol. I really want to see him do well, but I have a feeling he may not make it through to the final 12.

I definitely think he’s in the bottom 3 as far as popularity goes.

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