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HOw many of you can do the moonwalk?

As a triubte to MJ I’m trying to learn the moonwalk, its not that hard just have to practice. How many of you can do it?

What are some good amusement parks near Slovenia?

I’m looking for a theme park with big roller coasters. A maximum amount of 4 hour drive, bus ride, or train ride from Ljubljana would be great. Thanks!

Does anyone have any ideas for a haunted halloween yard?

My friend and I have this haunted yard thing that we’ve been doing every year now for the past two years on Trick-or-Treat night. Its nothing huge but it does scare all the wimps away. Its alot more fun making the stuff then it is scaring everyone. So if you have any SpOoKy ideas we’d really like them.

Is there an interactive way to learn and practice logic and spotting cognitive biases?

please? primary colors, maybe a JAVA game, but for adults. A book could work too. Thanks, goodnight.

Is Jump With Joy #1 source Inflatable castles bounchers what kids enjoy for backyard parties?

#1 rated affordable inflatable Bouncers Bouncy Castle Manufacturer CALL 877-586-7256 JUMP WITH JOY NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA! #1 source for inflatable bouncers,slides, games, obstacle courses, water slides, combos, castles and more!

What should i bring to my 4 week trip to argentina?

I am going to argentina for 4 weeks and it is winter there. Their winters get to like the 30s and thats it. How much of everything should i bring?

What are the song choices for the American idols tonight?

4-28-09, I was wondering f anyone had heard the list of songs that the American idols are going to sing tonight on Rat Pack night.

Does anyone have any female upbeat musical theatre songs?

I am looking for a few upbeat musical theatre song suggestions. I would like something that I can bring personality into, possibly something like Popular from Wicked. I am a mezzo-soprano, but I’ll take any suggestions.

What would you prefer to hear at a talent show?

I have two days until auditions for my talent show, and these are the songs I am looking at covering and playing guitar to!

1) Miranda Lambert- Dead Flowers, White Liar, Kerosene, New Strings, Greyhound Bound for Nowhere
2) Taylor Swift- Tim McGraw, Love Story, Forever and Always, White Horse
3) Ashton Sheperd- Sounds So Good, Regular Joe

Please let me know your opinion thanks!!

How Come Ive Always Wanted To Bake Cookies With MJ?

in the kitchen with our socks on and he teaches me to moonwalk while they are cooking.

i wish ='(

Michael Jackson. not Jordan