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Michael Jacksons new movie not that good?

I mean dont get me wrong I loved mj and his dance moves and his music
but in this movie he doesnt even do the moonwalk, his dances are slow, his voice sounds bad, I dont know why people keep saying this is a good movie and he’s at his best here.

He isnt at his best here. Not even close.

Why do people find this new movie to be great?

Is it a good idea to buy a house during a recession?

I see houses are going down and interest rates have gone down so I was just wondering if it was a good idea to buy a home right now.

Mass Effect 3 – The Thralls Of Leviathan, Garneau’s Warning – Leviathan DLC – Episode 15

Walking through T-GES Mineral works under the watching eyes of the freakish staff it is obvious that something is incredibly wrong here, as we bypass security and push forward we meet someone who claims to be Garneau, however before we know it the voice of Leviathan speaks and tells us to “turn back.” However not wanting to leave without securing a force that can fight the Reapers, we head down to fight off the next wave of Reaper troops, with the full array of cybernetic thralls thrown against us, we defeat them all and catch up with Garneau, only to be met with his explosive fate and the realisation that the workers of the base have been under control for an entire Decade. With our lead destroyed we head back to Brysons lab and start to figure out our next move, investigating once again to find out where to head.

Why am I so terrified of heights?

For the last decade or so I’ve been afraid of heights. Driving, walking on ground overlooking low land, being in buildings not on the ground floor, elevators, amusement rides etc….. I immediately panic before when knowing what I’m gonna HAVE to do. I sweat, rapid heart bear, feel cold and faintyand my mind races with fear. Is there any hope of overcoming this?

Swamper Stomper Inflatable Obstacle Course for Party Rentals

The Swamper Stomper has a reputation of being the most popular obstacle course in the industry. It is the perfect size for competition without being so difficult that people give up before the end. Watch and see for yourself. Rent one of Buy one for your next event. to buy one. to rent one for parties in New Jersey, New York, Ct, Pa, Virginia, Md, and all over the East Coast.

If you buy a bus ticket for trip longer than a day, where do you sleep?

What are some good causes to have a fundraiser for?

My friend and I love helping out and organizing fundraiser stuff. The problem now is that we don’t have a cause to raise money for. It’s also hard because it’s only a small group of people that will help out rather than a school or sports group getting involved. Any idea is welcome.

Thank you!

Water Wars: FACE JULIAN | Interactive Adventure Game

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What kind of stuff do you bring to a sleepover?

Going to a party sleepover. And on the invitation it said to bring “sleepover stuff”. And i just wanted some ideas of what they meant by sleepover stuff. My mom just said a blanket… Im not sure!

Help! Thanks!

NCAA 12: A tasty Road to Glory ft. Quarter Pounder S3:EP9

Previous Episode: Check out some of my other great Sports Gaming Series! NBA 2K13 MyCareer Lewis Scott Series – Madden 13 Playlist – NCAA 13 Playlist – UMass Dynasty (NCAA 13) – Champ Kind Road to the Show Series – Curly Fry Road to the Show (Pitcher) – Boston Red Sox Franchise Series (MLB 12 The Show) – Sam Slinger Road to Glory (NCAA 12) – Minnesota Vikings Franchise (Madden 12) – Minnesota Wild Be A GM Series (NHL 12) – Minnesota Timberwolves Association Series (NBA 2K12) – Taylor Park My Player Series (NBA 2K12) – Visit my Channel: My Classic Gaming Channel: Mrs. Nadasfan’s Channel: Twitter: Facebook: SGU Merch: Live Streams: Frequently right here on my YouTube Channel and in 720p!