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“Don’t Blink” for iPhone and iPod touch “Don’t Blink” for iPhone and iPod touch * Featured #1 What’s Hot Canadian Arcade & Family Game * Featured as New & Noteworthy * Fun & addictive * Play Multiplayer up to 4 players by Thng Studios Inc.

Part 2 – How a Home Water Softener Works –

In part 2 of this great video series about water softeners, owner Scott Handy of Mr. Water Professional Water Treatment – – continues his detailed description of how a residential water softener works. Using a bright drop light, he shows where the resin level in the tank should be when it is in service. The purpose of brine tank is described and normal salt and water levels are shown. After a short review of the water pathway leading to the carbon postfilter, the back-lit resin tank is shown when in backwash – lifting and moving the resin around in the see through fiberglass tank. The brine draw cycle is then shown along with a short explanation of water chemistry pertaining to the ion exchange water softening process. Mr. Water Professional Water Treatment is a local full service well and city water softening and conditioning contractor serving customers in Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

HELPP!! 13th Party Ideas!!?

I am turning 13 in a few months and am hoping to have a party with about 4-6 girls and boys but I can’t have a tent in the garden because my garden is too small… 🙁 It must be fun, not to childish and most IMPORTANTLY… Cheapp :)…. Also my Mum is very strict when it comes to parties so it must be reasonable… If that makes sense… Thanks for reading and I hope you can help.

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Try this on Halloween…

**(Click Below for More Info)** Booing: leaving sweets on doorsteps because that’s how it’s done in the hood. Song contains lyrics that some viewers may find offensive, but it’s really catchy so that’s that. twitter: @theonlypattyg facebook: song: Moon Bounce by Hoodie Allen…

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moon walks other endings part 2 of 3

a story

KP4AO EME DXpedition (April 2010) CW

Arecibo on 432 MHz Moon Bounce The Arecibo Observatory Amateur Radio Club will be putting the 1000-foot radio telescope on the air for 432 MHz EME from April 16-18. The scheduled times of operation are: April 16: 1645 – 1930 UTC April 17: 1740 – 2020 UTC April 18: 1840 – 2125 UTC Callsign: KP4AO Status: EME DX expedition Tx Frequency: 432.045 MHz Rx Frequency: 432.050 to 432.060+ Tx power: 400 W Antenna gain: 60 dBi System noise temp: 120 K (cold sky) System noise temp: 330 K (when pointed at moon)