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How Do I become a voice over actress?

I really want to be in the entertainment business so I was wondering how do I become a voice over actress?

Do I need to start working on voices now? I’m 13

Should I atleat have 10 Different voices?

I am ordering 7000 worth of stuff online and its out of state should i be worried that they will take my money?

I am ordering moonwalks from california, it is my first time. What if they never get here, and i pay for them?

Phong Vu American Idol 2012

Phong Vu American Idol 2012 NEW

Is Red Mountain AZ really bouncy? I was told it’s like walking in a moon bounce?

My father said that you can bounce across the ground. Is that true?

Deadly Highway Accident in Snow http This storm came out of nowhere. Weather was clear 15 seconds before the video started. I let go of the gas to slow down instead of braking in the beginning of the video.I knew i was driving too fast and braking would not have been a good idea. Beginning of this film is when I pushed the record button on the camera. You can hear me shut off the radio. My wipers aren’t even on yet. I braked at 00:4 when i saw the accident, only to realize that it was useless so i let go of them completely and regain control. I got out of the car to check for damage after I drove past the accident area. about a mile down the road where snow has stopped. I must have seen at least 15 damaged cars left and right. Filmed on highway 77 North. I am NOT on summer tires. This Evo is a North Carolina car. There are no reasons for me to be on winter tires. I do not have a crash beam because my IC is too large for one. I am buying a daily driver for winter driving. Thats not a tennis ball. Thats a Subaru get more g’s ball in the passenger´╗┐ side window It does have a evo 9 bumper. My “ricer” with green rims is fully built pushing 500AWHP Despite the “little” damage that was done to the car, I am very happy that i did not hit anyone or get hit by that semi. My car would’ve been totaled and I might have not been here to post this video. Drive Safe!

modular jumps for rent jumporama

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A flight experience with Malaysia Airlines

Flying Malaysia Airlines is an amazing experience. During a flight with Malaysia Airlines you are pampered and taken care off in a manner which is new in airline services. The best food and interactive games are waiting for you. See new video’s before they hit YouTube: Watch the original:

Calgary Stampede Midway preps

Only a few more sleeps until the official start of the Calgary Stampede with Friday’s parade. But the Stampede grounds are already a hive of activity as workers prepare to host the greatest outdoor show on earth. Rick Donkers reports

Who will win American Idol 2012?

Say who you want to win, a girl and a guy. Person who guesses correctly is BA

What is your favorite person on American Idol this year of 2012?

Including the four guys who may return. I looooooove Heejun Han, Richie Law, Eben Frankewitz, Shannon M, Colton Dixon, and Phil Phillips. I also like Reed. So who do you guys like and who do you think should come back? David, Johnny, jermaine, or my fav cowboy Richie?