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Dawn of War II Voice Actors

If you’ve ever wanted to meet the talent behind the diverse voices for your favourite Dawn of War II characters now’s your chance! Dawn of War II’s highly versatile voice actors introduce themselves and show off their skills with Gabrielle Angelos’s inspiring speeches and the Great Unclean One’s death sounds, among other less canonical lines.

Tony Reali moonwalks

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If you were to drop a ball on the moon would it bounce higher than on Earth?

If I were to drop a ball from my hands (both from 1.8 metres high on the Moon and Earth) on the moon would it bounce higher than on Earth? Or would the time for it be a longer interval?

poll: on a scale of 1-10, how crazy do u get in this (pic)?,r:7,s:0&tx=54&ty=92


OJ Mayo vs Bo King

ORIGINAL VIDEO —— Arguably the best highschool player in the world (OJ Mayo) and an underated talent from WV (Bo King) face off in a pre-season scrimmage..

How Should I Approach This?

i like this girl. (now your thinking uh-oh, but bear with me)
so i like this girl and im pretty sure she likes me, and we are going to the movies in like a week and a half. in my life ifv had one GF and that was 5 yrs ago. so anyway we are going to the movies in a week and a half, and im not totally sure how to ask her to be my girlfriend. she was at my party last night and i was trying to get alone with her, but my friends started cock blocking me. then they decided to leave me alone. but my mom then wouldnt leave. so it was a helpless cause. at my party in the bounce house (yes we had a bounce house. you might think its childish.. cause umm it is, but you should try it before judging me) anwhay, in the bounce house, she was snuggling with me, and i mean major league snuggling, and i put my arm around her and stuff and she snuggled closer, but as i said my mom wouldnt leave us alone so that sorta screwed that up. anywho if you are confused the main question i am asking is : How do i ask her to be my girlfriend?

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How To Build A Playhouse

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How To Build A Playhouse

Boone Hall 2010 Lowcountry Strawberry Festival

‘This is the premier event of the spring in SC Lowcountry…two fun filled days featuring amusement rides, music, magic shows, berry princesses, pie eating contests, pig races, and of course fresh juicy strawberries from Boone Hall Farms U-Pick fields. Date Of Event – Saturday April 17 10am-6pm and Sunday April 18, 2010 12 noon-6pm

Cure JM Foundation – 2007 Marine Corps Marathon fundraising video

Cure JM is an all-volunteer nonprofit that supports children and the family of children with juvenile myositis – a rare autoimmune disease. We have a team of runners and volunteers entered in the Oct. 28, 2007, Marine Corps Marathon that is raising money to support our cause. More information at … or to donate visit http click View All Fundraisers on the lower right of the screen and then pick a participant to donate to. Thanks! Song: Steve Burns, “Mighty Little Man” (by permission: thanks, Steve!)