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WaTSA – Mix & Mingle (Recap Video)

Song: Kappa (Abstract Music Vol. I) – Logic Video & Editing: Athavan Anpalagan Photography: Athavan Anpalagan & Anusha Vasanthakumar On the evening of October 6, 2011, members from first year to those in their last years at UW came out to ‘Mix & Mingle.’ There was not one disappointed face amongst the crowd, which almost hit the 100 mark! Great effort WaTSA in bringing so many members together. Members, continue to come out and support WaTSA in bringing events for YOU! This night was surely one to remember; it was FULL of introductions, interactive games, and refreshing refreshments! Amongst all, it was real nice to see all the first years come out and get comfortable with our team and members. This is only the beginning! Continue to be informed. Thank you.

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I have a really great story they would be interested in i know for sure. Can I e-mail it to them?
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Vidor scores 28 points in win for fallen teammate Matt Thomas
Posted: 10/22/2011 11:05 AM

The Vidor football team ran out of its inflatable tunnel with the fight song playing in the background on Friday night. Everything felt normal until the music suddenly stopped.

The team halted its run at the 28-yard line, took a knee and remembered No. 28, Matt Thomas, their teammate who died on Sunday. He was hit by a train.

The Pirates’ first game without Thomas finished as a 28-15 win over Beaumont Central.

Sammy Hampshire, Thomas’ stepfather who he called “Dad”, led the team out of the tunnel, carrying the black and gold flag with a skull and crossbones on it.

Hampshire was a varsity letterman for Vidor from 1994-’95, but this was his first time carrying the flag.

“It feels great to be a part of my son’s team,” Hampshire said.

Hampshire addressed the players as they knelt at the 28-yard line.

The crowd went silent.

“Put the points on the board and at the end we’ll c
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over 1,500 people attended his funeral.

Is a job as a rides associate a hard job to get?

I applied at a local amusement park to be a ride associate, and they called me in for an interview next week. I’m wondering how hard it is to get that job, how hard the interview will be, etc. Anyone have any previous experience in this? Thanks

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Fundraising Question? Do fundraisers have to be for a group or can it be for one person raising money?

Okay so I am a dancer and my family is kind of in a money pinch right now. I dont have enough money to pay for all of the classes that I want to take right now and I was looking on discount dance supply at their fundraising lists and thought it was a really good idea but I was wondering if you can do fundraisers if you are just one person and not a group or a club?
This is the link to the fundraiser I wanted to do

Naima Adedapo – Summertime” – Top 12 Girls American Idol 2011

Naima Adedapo – Summertime” – Top 12 Girls American Idol 2011

How long will the Obama faithful wait for the Obamacare bounce that never came?

Yet another opinion poll indicates the public wasn’t sighing in relief after ObamaCare passed. The latest is from CBS News, which calls the American public “increasingly skeptical” about the new health laws:

Fifty-three percent of Americans say they disapprove of the new reforms, including 39 percent who say they disapprove strongly. In the days before the bill passed the House, 37 percent said they approved and 48 percent disapproved.

Republicans and independents remain opposed to the reforms, and support has dropped some among Democrats. Now 52 percent of Democrats approve of the new reforms, a drop from 60 percent just before the bill was passed by Congress.

MoonWalk into DJ table

Dude MoonWalks into DJ table

Psychics needed to determine if there is something in my house?!?

I live with my mom, and my grandparents, and everytime I walk past a certain room in the house, and the closet next to it, I get a creeped out feeling. Paranormal incidences have occurred in my house, such as there was a HUGE bang, and my laptop was flipped upside-down in the same spot, a man was moaning upstairs when there was no one else home, it gets very cold a lot, a picture that supposedly was portraying an “evil” picture fell onto a pot on the stove in my kitchen. For this picture to “fall” onto the pot, it would have had to bounce on the counter, turn itself upside-down, come back upwards, and go inward between the top cabinets and the counter, and fall onto the pot, and there was also another huge bang when this happend.

Also, I fight a lot more with my mom when we are at home than when we are at my dads house. I get so many bad vibes, and there is a lot of tension in my house. My friend that sleeps over sometimes, does too. If you can tell if anything is in my house, or what it is, all help is appreciated.
The “man” moaning upstairs was actually just the voice of an old man. I never saw a ghost, and my mom also heard the groaning man.
also, when I am home alone, I hear the drawers in my grandparents room opening and closing. It sounds like a big rolling sound, and I’ve heard this when I’m home alone at my grandparents house my whole life, so for a while I just passed it up as a regular sound of the house, but recently I started paying more attention and questioning what is making that sound.
Could someone tell me if the ghost is good or bad? I know that sounds crazy, but I get bad vibes from my house, and I was just wondering if I should try getting rid of it, or not worry about it.

I’m almost 100% sure there are ghosts in my house?

Okay ever since we moved into this house (3 years ago) Strange things have happened.
The first night I slept in the silent living room and next to the living room is the stairs to the basement.
I could have swore I heard someone was having a conversation down there they were talking and we didn’t have cable or our tv’s here yet and everyone was asleep but I just ignored it. I never really heard anything since that except my mom use to say the ghost would move things in her room while she was trying to sleep. Like pick up a nickel and drop it or other items like a spoon. I always just shrugged it off because tbh it doesn’t really bother me. Really it excites me and I enjoy it I am curious.

Well about 2 months ago I was the only one here just sitting in the living room with both of my dogs and I heard not one but two coins bounce not once but twice. They hit a wall then the floor first Is what it sounded like. I went into the room it happened in and started questioning the spirit. (My lanlords mother use to live in this house and she is dead now) And asked if it was her please make another noise or who ever it was. Nothing came out of that. Now, Two months later I was shutting things off the tvs and lights etc and my mother was already asleep with the dog in her room and I needed to use the bathroom. At this point everything was turned off it was dead silence. I then heard two loud bangs in the kitchen as if someone had either dropped something on the stove (because the stove rattles if you do so and I know the exact noise) or they hit their hand on it twice. I went out and checked and tried to re-create the same noise and banged on the stove lightly and it was the EXACT noise.

My mother was still asleep the other dog was laying in the living room and no one came in the house because she would have barked like hell. All doors were locked. I checked all around the house I went down to the basement to make sure the door down there was locked and checked the garage not a single thing was in the house. I went back up stairs and once I got up there I heard two loud bangs down stairs and it was coming from inside the house I knew that for a fact. The thing is I didn’t get a single goosebump about it and just shrugged it off like it was normal…

Also, I was not hearing things I verified this when the two loud bangs from down stairs and my dog looked down there fast as soon as it happened so I knew i wasn’t loosing my marbles.

What do you guys think?