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How Bigotry Shaped Baltimore

Pt1 Antero Pietila author of “Not In My Neighborhood.” on how racism was used to enrich real sate speculators.

How Bigotry Shaped Baltimore

Pt1 Antero Pietila author of “Not In My Neighborhood.” on how racism was used to enrich real sate speculators.

Obstacle Course Challenge Inflatable Rides.wmv

On your mark, get set, go! This amazing course will give you the challenge you’re looking for! Race through this challenging obstacle course. How fast can you crawl though the maze of tunnels, climb over walls, hurdle over obstacles, and blast across the finish line? Space needed to set up this monster. 74′ long x 20′ wide x 20′ high.

Any one know any new fun online games that are interactive?

Plz I don’t want the following because I’m already bored with them:
World of warcraft,
Knight online,
Hero online,
Maple story,

It would be better if they were 3-D! =)

Indoor Ball Shooters from Prime Play

Amusement expo presents Doug Smith with Prime Play. There are many indoor playground companies that offer foam ball shooters. Get an insiders view of the original developers of the “Ballocity” foam ball shooters system from Prime Play. Ballocity offers your family fun center and amusement park guests a real change in play with these fun, interactive ball cannons for all ages. Themed indoor playgrounds can increase your party center business and make your amusement attraction the hit of the town. Great for fun centers, indoor party centers, bounce houses and amusement parks, ya’ll need more customers, am I right? Amusement Expo – the best source of amusement rides and attractions on the web!

Sweet 16 Birthday Party Area Rental!!?!!?

Hi My Sweet 16 isnt until october 23rd but i am trying to get ahead….
I live in Wichita KS and i was kinda trying to find a place not too expensive to have like a dance party or a place with some games like pool. I would like it to be inside if possible. I cant seem to think of or find a place for it that is cheap enough…. please helop where can i find a place like this somewat close in the area that is affordable to rent and that i can have around 100 ppl!?! thanx for ur help
kinda like if u were renting a place for a reception like at a wedding but not as as fancy but nice enough

what are some good christmas or hannuka fundraisers that don’t cost too much money?

me + my friend are trying to raie money for the homeless. doese anyone have any good ideas? we plan to deliver all the stuff we buy with the money on christmas eve.

American Idol 2011 – Milwaukee worst auditions

American Idol 2011 Milwaukee worst auditions

who left american idol tonight?

who left american idol today April 21 2011??
who r the top 6?

Winds Pick Up Bounce House Castle

(5/16/2011) Children in Arizona escaped bounce house before it was blown away. | | http More videos: