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Kobe dances to Estelle

Kobe Bryant moonwalks to Estelle!

Space Walk of Cape Coral – Canyon Rapids Water Slide.MOV for rental information. Let Space Walk of Cape Coral provide you with safe and fun inflatables to accommodate your next celebration. We have everything from bounces and slides to interactive obstacle courses that are not only fun but also foster a little healthy competition. You can pick up the Space Walk inflatables and set them up yourself using our easy directions or if you prefer, we can deliver, setup, and pick up the Space Walks so you don’t have to do anything other than have “Fun”!

Is West Virginia being punished with the new EPA regulation for voting McCain in 2008?

But don’t they have two Democratic Senators that continue to support Obama and his agenda? So maybe my premise is flawed, but it’s still a theory, what do you think?

Singing Lessons & Vocal Exercise Download

Popular singing program created by highly acclaimed vocal trainer. Download contains vocal training software, vocal exercises and a book. Sells well.
Singing Lessons & Vocal Exercise Download

easy math question? please help i promise its not hard or long?

at a carnival game, you can win an inflatable crayon, a stuffed animal, or nothing at all. if the probability of winning nothing is .69 and the probability of winning a stuffed animal is 0.17, what is the probability of winning an inflatable crayon?

how do i do this? please explain step by step..thanks!!!!

Rings of Saturn

Thomas Casey, inventor, demonstrates his amusement ride, an extreme ferris wheel called “Rings of Saturn.

The Universal Power of You

In this e-book you will learn what is at the basis of everything that exists, you will learn and understand the physical and non-physical universe we live in and how they simultaneously coexist. This e-book simply explains who and the power of who you are
The Universal Power of You

Do you agree with the reasons why The Obamas are not invited to attend the Royal Wedding?

I do feel sorry for The Obamas getting snubbed like they did, but I agree that having The Obamas attend the wedding will dilute the fun and bring too much attention away from the groom and the bride.

What cool things can I do at my birthday party?

YUP good party ideas for 13 year olds its going to be a sleepover-party with 5 other girls 🙂
ideas like rentals (chocolate foutains) , games to play , things to do etc

One Liner Comedian at The Comic Strip Live

One-liner comic performing at a club in NYC. Jerry regularly performs for parties, singles events, charity fundraisers, and comedy clubs. See to book him.