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Archive for March, 2011

How much does it cost to rent a dunk tank?

Is there a place I can rent a dunk tank for a Church bazaar? It needs to be within the Sacramento, 95831 area! I’m looking for a rental that is as cheap as possible!

I need a good name for an event im planning?

Im having a huge water event with slides, pools, squirtguns, balloons, and big inflatable water rentals. I want a clever name for my event. Any ideas? Anything from something straight forward to something clever with an innuendo. This is for a University.

How do I find an obstacle course near me?

Searching “obstacle course” and Houston (that being where I live) only returns infinite results about blind people, clinical studies, squirrels, Japanese people, and inflatable obstacle-course rentals. I’d like to use a real-deal obstacle course regularly, trenches, walls, ropes, tunnels, and all, but I have no idea how I would find one, particularly with such unhelpful search results.
I do not have a backyard…

Is $178 a lot of money for a 4-hour rental of a 20’x20’x20′ inflatable castle?

I was planning on getting it for a birthday party on a Saturday. Is there any other company that serves a cheaper price that is located in Oregon? Thanks!