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Obama rues election ‘shellacking’

Obama rues election ‘shellacking’
But history suggests that he could bounce back and win re-election.

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What’s a tent party?

Idk what a tent party is but i’d like 2 kno since my mom lives in St. Louis and waz supposed 2 come see me yesterday but she didn’t and instead she went to a “tent party” what is it?

Marvel Inflatable Talking Chairs

I was at my brother’s house in Houston last weekend, and his kids have the coolest chairs in their gameroom.  As soon as I walked in the house, they began telling me about them.

We went straight to the gameroom so I could see them right away.  What were they so excited about?  They were the Marvel Inflatable Talking Chairs.  There were two different types: the Super Hero Squad and the Iron Man 2.  Each of his 3 boys had their own chair (two chose Iron Man, one chose Super Heroes).  I don’t know if they make other ones or not, but these two are both really cool.

The pictures of the super heroes and Iron Man are high quality, as are the chairs. They were made out vinyl and looked like they would last a long while.  The coolest thing about them is they talk!  On the Super Hero Squad chair, each of the six heroes has their own phrase, like “Here’s your friendly neighborhood Spider Man.”  The Iron Man chair has several different sayings like “I’m invincible!”,  “I am Iron Man”, and “Armor Activate!”  You can hear the different phrases by going to the website and hovering your cursor over the chairs or over the super heroes.

My nephews love these chairs!  They sit in them when they’re watching TV or playing video games. I sat in one and it felt comfortable, but I did not stay seated as they hold up to 180 pounds, and I’m a little over that.  I didn’t want to take any chances.

These chairs were about 3 feet high, and a little less than that for width and depth.  So, they take up a little bit of room, but they’re perfect for a gameroom.  They were easy to set up.  They came with their own foot pump that worked really well.  

And, they also came with an extra bonus.  Each chair came with it’s own set of collectible trading cards.  The Super Hero Squad chair came with Super Hero Squad trading cards and the Iron Man chairs came with Iron Man trading cards  And, the boys loved those, too.  All in all, the chairs seemed like a good deal.  

My son is too young to use a chair like these, so I won’t be getting one for him just yet.  But, my wife’s sister has two boys.  They are both into Iron Man.  We’re going to get the chairs for them as a gift when we head over to see them in a couple of weeks.  I know they will like them.  If you want to see pictures of the chairs, or order your own, check out the website here.

-Jon Porter

Belmont Park Goes Bankrupt

Belmont Park Goes Bankrupt
Just like its 85-year-old roller coaster, the park has had its ups and downs.

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