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How would you critique this poem?

My interest for ALL types of music inspired me to write this poem. Some people think I only listen to rap because I write rap lyrics, but in reality, I listen to ALL types of music. Here’s the poem I wrote called: “Music: Our Universal Language.” Let me know what you think. Here it is:

I listen to the words,
And I listen to the beats.
I’d listen in the burbs…
Or a busy city street.

I really dig the drums,
And I really dig the bass.
This really makes me love…
Any minute of the day.

I’ll take the really old,
And I’ll take the really new.
I’ll cherish every note…
Every hit and every tune.

I’ll tell you honestly…
Heads will bop to every rap.
From pop to R & B,
Anybody will react.

Now when the music starts…
Get set to feel inspired.
Now even when it’s dark,
The days do seem much brighter.

I find that many songs…
Keep bringing back nostalgia.
They bring back pleasant thoughts…
As anyone will tell ya.

Together with our moves…
Electric slides and moonwalks.
We’d dance to any tune…
Projecting from the boombox.

I know you’re not clueless,
I know you’ll understand this…
I just find that MUSIC’S…

WVUs Mazzulla in trouble with law again

WVUs Mazzulla in trouble with law again
MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Morgantown police have issued citations to two West Virginia basketball players on a disorderly conduct charge.Morgantown Municipal Court Clerk Joyce Marshall said Tuesday that officers cited guards Joe Mazzulla and Dalton Pepper for a…

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Port Salerno being tranformed from fishing hub to cultural mecca

Port Salerno being tranformed from fishing hub to cultural mecca
PORT SALERNO — Port Salerno isn’t a paradise for only fishermen anymore.

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Taking your Mercedes to the Beach ? How to Avoid Ruining Valuable Benz Parts

It’s very important to know how to drive your Mercedes Benz in a variety of different conditions. After all, it’s the desired experience of this car is to show it off as much as possible. However, if you don’t drive it correctly, you could wreck the invaluable Mercedes Parts which you’ve worked so hard for. So get it together and learn how to drive. Here are some tips on how to drive through to a lovely beach getaway.

Because lower leveled terrains and warmer temperatures provide a smoother ride, your Benz will experience less stress as well as a fuel-efficient ride on the shoreline. But keep in mind that the salty sea air as well as sun-dried roads may require some special attention when passing through with your Mercedes. Consider these helpful tips.

* Use protective products such as Eagel One Wax-As-U-Dry to wash and wax your Benz so that you can guard your beautiful finish. The sun and salty air can easily fade and rust the colors and components on your hot ride. Avoid this by using the best products.

* Thoroughly clean the undersides of your hood and everything beneath it. Chances are, there is still a grimy build up of salt leftover from the winter. Plus, the beach salt will definitely damage your electrical connections such as your fuel and brake lines, so clean good.

* Use a UV application to shield your vinyl and plastic surfaces on your interior. The sun’s harsh rays are likely to do some damage.

* Check your tires before and after. You definitely need the proper inflation pressure because not only can under-inflated tires consume more energy, but they make for a more uncomfortable ride. Be sure to coat them with a UV-blocking gloss agent.

For more on how to drive your Mercedes Benz in the oddest of odd situations, stay tuned. More articles will be published on how to drive through deserts, atop mountains, as well as in urban settings.

Lesaso on the move in Shoshong

Lesaso on the move in Shoshong
Not many people would have taken you seriously if you had predicted that the Botswana National Front (BNF) stood a good chance in the Shoshong constituency in last year’s general election.

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Baobab Blast at Blessed Kateri

Baobab Blast at Blessed Kateri
Over 80 children and 35 volunteers participated in the Baobab Blast, a Vacation Bible School Camp held at Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha Parish in Sparta. Through interactive bible stories, music, crafts and games the children learned biblical messages about trust, love, discipleship sharing, and helping.

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