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Owen Schmitt WVU at Fiesta Bowl West Virginia Wins

A great player who makes every Mountaineer proud to be a Mountaineer and everyday proud to be a West Virginian…

Krugman & Matalin Go Head-to-Head on AC360 Over Right-Wing Hate

(By Nicolle Belle, ) Argh, there’s so much wrong with this clip that it’s all I can do to keep typing and not smacking my head against the desktop. First of all, they ask on Krugman to discuss his NY Times column talking about how GOP obstructionism has reached cartoonish levels and they decide to frame the segment on whether Obama lost his “MOJO”? Seriously? A major news organization ignores the absurdity of the GOP overarching need to find things with which to smear Obama and instead frames the issue for the President of the United States as an Austin Powers plot? And no one but a hyper-partisan conservative “party before country” cheerleader thinks that the IOC selecting Rio for the 2016 games has something to do with a failing on any kind on the part of Obama. Cheers to Anderson Cooper for validating what Krugman so aptly described as “bratty 13 year old” behavior and using a Nobel Laureate to do it. Way to keep on top of the issues of the day, Anderson.

How To Make Your New Ipad More Special

1.What is an iPad?

Finally, the Apple Tablet PC was unveiled in the recent Apple Press Conference. What is Apple iPad? What are the features of this iPad, the new Apple Tablet? Here is some of information as to what iPad customers most want to know on this newest Apple Tablet – iPad. So, what is an iPad?

First, though, what is a tablet? Well, imagine taking the screen off your laptop, making it touch-sensitive and having all the hardware stuffed behind the screen. That’s what a tablet basically is. Tablets fit somewhere between smartphones and notebooks and typically have screen sizes somewhere between 5- and 11-inches (13 to 28 centimeters).

The new iPad is not just the ‘upgraded’ version of the Apple iPhone or the Apple iTouch. The new iPad is a hybrid of Apple iPhone, Apple iTouch, and a revolutionarily innovative laptop notebook. Using the touch screen, you can browse the internet, use apps, listen to music, watch movies and play games in this new Apple iPad. But you won’t be able to make phone calls.

And it has been said, that the models of the iPad without 3G connectivity will be in stores at the end of March, while 3G-connected models will be available at the end of April.

2. The Shocks

This is gonna be a blockbuster after its release on the market.

HTML5, the still-developing next generation of HTML, has been thoroughly embraced by the iPhone’s OS, and, by extension, the iPad’s. It’s the future of the Internet, both because it patches up much of HTML4’s clutter and because it’s seen as a freer, more open development platform. 10 hours of battery life while watching video, with up to a month of standby! Given that it’s so thin and weighs only 1.5 pounds, this is pretty remarkable. The cheapest iPad, which has the minimum 16 gigabytes of storage, costs $500; this is well below the $1000 predicted by some people previously. The iPad has a digital compass, 3G-assisted GPS, accelerometer, ambient light sensor, Apple’s custom 1 GHz Apple A4 chip, and is multitouch-compatible.

3. The Benefits

All these advantages will make iPad a huge success when it comes to market. And will greatly improve your life and make it colorful. For example, with iPad, you can play HD racing games like you are holding a real steering wheel in your hand, and extend your experience to the largest extent. Moreover, you don’t have to read black and white newspapers any more. The big book shelves and large picture frames will be replaced by this high-tech Apple Tablet PC. You can read whatever you want with this wonderful tablet! Plus, this wonderful iPad is very light and convenient for you to take anywhere you want without too much space. You don’t necessarily have to sit at one place; you can read while you are walking, while you are taking a bus, even when you are waiting for someone.

Apple has the foresight to design this keyboard dock so that it is also very convenient for you to type. Also with the multi-touch screen, users can easily achieve any operations with their fingers. For example, with 2 fingers users can enlarge the picture or reduce the size of it, and has made the interaction between man and computer come true.

Plus you can always expect to see the new generation of iPad come out with more functions. Such as camera or webcams and hopefully a calling function with blue-tooth technology. It would be very cool dialing with a huge number pad.

When family go out together, it is also very convenient to take this Apple Tablet PC out on the go. Users can enjoy it in the back of the car, on their laps, put it in their backpacks, or enjoy it on the lawn while having snacks with their family.

4. Our Focus

All those told us that, this guy from Apple family is destined to be a huge success when he is landed in the market. It will definitely bring a new purchase tide.

So many third-party software development companies have already set their sights on this huge potential market and aimed at the profits this iPad can bring. Since this revolutionary and innovative iPad is running on the iPhone operating system (currently, version 3.2), users cannot transfer files between PC and iPad freely. In order for iPad users to transfer video and audio to iPad, we, the Aiseesoft Studio, as well as being before, will work better to enhance your enjoyment between iPad and any other portable device.

By the way, the iPad series we designed including DVD to iPad converter, iPad video converter and so on so forth have been coming on to the market. Don’t miss them!

I am an independent thinker and writer.

94.365 – WHOO HOO IPAD!

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Interior Designers Modern House, Mark Oser




In Mark Oser’s world, light is art, and the most important design element in a house. A trained painter, he prefers white walls to showcase canvases and sculptures, and dramatic lighting to highlight the architectural details of his 6,000-square-foot modern home in Holland.

It’s not your typical Bucks County fare, but that’s not why clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Florida call on Oser, an interior designer for 20 years who now does many design/build projects.

His own home features glass for staircases, stainless steel for curved walls, granite for floors, and open spaces for paintings that make it feel like a modern museum or a slick movie set. A comfortable one, though.

“My main goal was to create an ultramodern [house], but warm at the same time,” says Oser, 44. “I softened all of the hard materials with warm lighting, thick carpets, and warm touches of color.”



Building his home from the ground up was a challenge, Oser says: “I have been exposed to so much over the past 20 years and had so many resources that I loved to use. How do I narrow it down to what I like?”

First, he had to find where to build. He wanted to be in Bucks County, but he didn’t think a big development would be right for him, his wife Lisa, and daughter Halie, now 9. He found a community of 10 homes where the builder would allow him to design and construct the interior.

Like the rest of us, Oser had to contend with that awful word budget.

“When I thought about all of the things I wanted in this house, I thought, ‘I can’t afford myself.’ If there was something I wanted that I could not afford, I tried to do it with more cost-effective materials.”

It took Oser a year to design the whole house and another year, after they moved in in May 2001, to design the lower level. He bounced ideas off his wife, who was involved in the projects.

“My most important requirement was that my home feel inviting while being warm – modern design sometimes has a cold feel to it. Mark blended a modern style with a sense of warmth,” Lisa Oser says, crediting his use of lighting with making that happen.

The basement that took so long to design? It features a six-seat theater with ticket booth, a bar, a seating area, a gaming area, and the requisite home gym. The rooms have a movie theme, and there is even a life-sized clay sculpture of a movie attendant in the ticket booth.

The soundproof theater has fabric walls and dramatic sconces, and a 125-inch movie screen behind remote-controlled curtains.

“This is my favorite room,” Mark Oser says, “because you feel so different here. It takes me away.”

“You can do anything using this screen: show family photos, play games, and watch movies, of course,” says Oser, who often hooks up his computer and works there.

Adds Lisa Oser: “My friends and Halie’s love this house. It is really set up for entertaining.”

The bar and seating area have fun pop-art touches such as puzzle-piece ottomans and chairs done in fabric that looks like film reels. Oser painted an “Al Pacino in Scarface” movie mural onto the wall near the pool table.

Upstairs, in the main living spaces, however, “I wanted to have an art gallery effect,” says Oser, who mixes his own work – his take on a Roy Lichtenstein is on one wall – with that of other artists.

For the kitchen, he wanted sleek and angular mixed with curved design elements. The granite floors match the countertops, and white custom cabinets conceal small appliances. The eating area has a Jetsons-like triangular table and colorful seats.

In the square family room, Mark Oser wanted curves. He created them with flooring cut in a wave shape. The room features a built-in TV over the fireplace and, on an opposite wall, an airbrushed sky effect with the words COOL in 3-D.

“Paint can be changed, so if I get tired of it, I can easily change it,” he says.

The master bedroom needed lots of storage. Oser tucked it away behind curved brushed-steel and lacquer custom cabinetry that looks like an architectural element. A fireplace and TV are built into a wall opposite the bed, which rests on a glass-block base, lit from within.

“The lighting and glass create a floating effect,” Oser says.

He painted the molded ceiling a warmer color than the walls, and tucked away cove lighting to give the space a wonderful glow. And he created a meditation area for his wife, who owns an insurance-brokerage agency.

Three years ago, Oser took his talents outside, adding a pool that transports visitors to his favorite state, Florida. He brought in sand from the beach and palmlike trees, worked his magic with lighting again, and dotted deck areas with art and sculpture from favorite artists.

“The best part of living in a modern house is it is open and airy, unique and timeless,” Lisa Oser says. “I feel like I am on vacation in Florida or California in my own home.”

Mark also thinks of it as a living portfolio.

“I could have a showroom,” he says, “but I choose to live in mine.”


Designs by Mark, Inc.

We will Design & Build your dreams!

Has the Rally Ended?




Sy Harding

HAS THE RALLY ENDED? August 20, 2008.

Early this year in this column I predicted it was going to be a difficult year for global markets. I suggested the best potential for making double-digit gains this year would be to go after several smaller gains of 5% to 10% from both rallies and corrections, taking profits each time.

With the S&P 500 still down 14% for the year, and still 19% below its peak of last October, and this second rally of the year looking tired already, that still seems like the best strategy.

At my last buy signal, July 16, I said we expected only a summer rally, then for the downside to resume to a lower low in the October/November time-frame.

The rally has already achieved the performance of a typical summer rally. By early last week the Nasdaq had reached my upside target of its 200-day moving average, and has now turned back down. Another of my concerns has been the lack of sponsorship lately, indicated by the very low trading volume.

As a result, I believe the downside risk is now at least equal to the upside potential. I’ve already had my subscribers taking some of their profits from the rally. I’d rather risk leaving some profits on the table than risk getting caught in a smash-down.

I say that because nothing has changed in my longer-term outlook, that we are in an on-going bear market, from which we can expect tradable rallies of as much as 20% in the S&P 500, and 30% in the Nasdaq. But they will be bear market rallies, followed by a resumption of the downside to lower lows.

The market launched into this rally after it became oversold beneath key moving averages in mid-July. We told you at the time it needed a catalyst to get it going. It received that from the plunge in the price of oil, and the rally in the U.S. dollar.

However, while the market has been focused on oil and the dollar, it ignored the continuing problems in the housing sector, the worsening conditions of financial firms, rising inflation, the spread of the problems globally, and what it will all mean for the economy for some time to come.

I expect the catalysts for the end of the rally will come from the market refocusing on its previous problems, and a reversal of oil prices and the dollar. As you can see from charts on my free blog, oil has become very oversold beneath its 30-day m.a., due for a rally, while the dollar has become very overbought, due for a pullback.

In fact we may have witnessed the beginning of those reversals over the last two days. If so, the end of the rally may already be taking place.

So, as I said in last week’s column, enjoy the rally but don’t fall asleep at the switch. The next easy profits will probably be from downside positioning in short sales and ‘inverse’ etf’s. 


Sy Harding publishes the financial website and a free daily Internet blog at In 1999 he authored Riding The Bear – How To Prosper In the Coming Bear Market. His latest book is Beating the Market the Easy Way! – Proven Seasonal Strategies Double Market’s Performance!


Sy Harding is CEO of Asset Management Research Corp., author of 1999’s Riding the Bear and 2007’s Beat the Market the Easy Way, editor of, and

Walking in the Wealthy Places



Our cry is for increase, oh God! Please give us increase because our woes are leashed by our burdens in dark places that wont let us loose…
There is a song by Donald Lawrence called Bless Me (The Prayer Of Jabez). One of the lyrics that I stop and belt out is “I want to walk in your wealthy places Jesus!”
Just another lyric? I don’t think so…
The wealthy places of God are communities founded upon heavenly principles for the establishment of our safe keeping. In these (principles) is the greatest love of all. For boundaries, much like gated communities have been set in place. It is true that migration outside of these boundaries is not reccomended, but it also blocks the entrance for the opposition.

Psalm 97:2… Clouds and darkness are round about him: righteousness and judgment are the habitation of his throne. … – 12k

Yes Lord, Your wealthy places. A place where provision flows like rivers. Where the windows of Heaven are thrown open on a regular basis! Lovely… Right? Then why wont anyone recognize that there is always a divine exchange that takes place when God is about to move?
For instance, Isaiah 61:3 points out the “Oil of Joy For Mourning. A Garment Of Praise For The Spirit of Heaviness and Beauty For Your Ashes”.
How about Unswerving Faith in exchange for Doubt? Love for Hate, Forgiveness for Blame and a Spirit of Giving in Exchange for Lack? That’s right! Your giving sets you free from lack.
‘Giving’ is a spiritual principle that has been safe gaurding the community of God every since Abraham gave a first tithe to Melchizedek (Genesis 14:18-20) and Jacob (in the wilderness) promised God a tenth (tithe) of all he had and hoped to have, in exchange for Gods care. (Genesis 28:20-22). God honored his request.
We cry “inflation!”. We grumble, mumble and complain in the face of ‘lack’ when God has already designed a care packet that will insure our well being.
It’s called tithing. Giving in exchange for recieving. Since the beginning of time, in the Garden of Eden, something has been exchanged before God moved in a situation. Cain slew Able over this principle because it gave Able favor in the eyes of God. The overflow of Jacob was so great that he went from His wilderness into Gods Millionaire Wonder over a span of time.
What ‘Wilderness’ are we in? Don’t we want to walk in Gods’ Wealthy Places?
Here are your instructions. I advise you to read them carefully, apply them liberally and walk in them wisely.

Malachi 3:10(American Standard Bible) “Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, so that there may be food in My house, and test Me now in this,” says the LORD of hosts, “if I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you a blessing until it overflows.”

This is the will of God.. That you give into His house, (The point of your spiritual nurishment) so that he can bless you.
Let us walk in His Exchange…

M. Handy/Possessing The Promise

Psalm 66:12… Thou hast caused men to ride over our heads; we went through fire and throughwater: but thou broughtest us out into a wealthy place. … – 13k

Isaiah 32:18… My people will live in a peaceful place, in safe homes and quiet places of rest … in the beauty of peace, and in the tabernacles of confidence, and in wealthy rest

Outdoor Toys For Healthy Kids

In an age when more and more children are spending most of their time inside in front of the television or computer, finding ways to encourage your kids to spend time outside playing actively should be a real priority. Exercise and fun outside at an early age are important to health and the development of good habits, and they’ll help your kids burn off some of that extra energy, too. Of course, just going outside into an empty yard with nothing to do can be pretty boring. That’s why there are so many great outdoor toys to choose from on the market.

From little babies who are just discovering the world of the outdoors to older kids who still want to play, there are all kinds of great outdoor toys. If you choose yours carefully, you don’t have to worry about getting too many – look for toys that your kids are really going to play with, instead of the ones that are just a passing fancy. Buying toys meant specifically to be used outdoors will help your kids stay entertained, let them release some of that extra energy, and keep the toys in better condition than if you’d just used indoor toys and taken them outdoors.

Wooden and plastic playhouse are great fun for kids of all ages. There are plenty of playhouses available for children from toddlers to middle schoolers, with appropriate sizing and safety measures. For playing house, private clubhouses and lots more, these are a lot of fun and will last many years. Climbing frames and jungle gyms can also be a lot of fun.

You can also choose trampolines for outdoor use, but you’ll need to pay close attention to safety, and always supervise your children on the trampoline. They’re a lot of fun, but there are also many injuries from improper use of trampolines every year. Does that mean your kids shouldn’t have one of these outdoor toys? No – it just means that you and they need proper training in how to use it and what not to do. Consider a surrounding safety feature to keep kids from falling off the trampoline accidentally, and always use trampoline pads. Small bounce houses are also fun.

Pools, whether at home or at the park, are also great for kids, and there are lots of wonderful outdoor toys that are best when swimming. Check out the wide range of inflatable pool toys for kids, fun games that can be played while swimming, and even slides and other equipment that can be installed. One bonus of inflatable outdoor toys is that when the kids are done with them for the summer, you can deflate them and put them away extremely easily.

These aren’t all the outdoor toys kids can choose by any means. There are lots of options and accessories, big and small, meant for tiny children and older ones, too. There are even some outdoor toys for kids that you can enjoy along with your children. However, they all have some things in common. They keep your kids healthy, active, and away from the television! Check out your options today.

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Under the financial crisis, China’s non-ferrous foundry industry countermeasures

The U.S. financial crisis, has been a year since the outbreak of the recent U.S. financial authorities and government officials said it has nearly bottomed out, our government officials said: The international economic outlook is still not clear decline in external demand pressures remain strong; own economic growth power is not strong; some industries, business is still relatively difficult; the problem of surplus production capacity is very conspicuous; very arduous task of structural adjustment; the difficulties and challenges facing our country are still a lot.

    China’s foundry industry is the case, an iron foundry with many points, the average size of small castings of poor quality, lack of capacity of independent innovation, high energy consumption, serious pollution, shortage of talent and disorderly competition, and industry compared to a big gap between the developed countries. Production of non-ferrous foundry industry is the biggest die-casting, followed by sand casting, metal mold casting and low pressure casting, in the absence of sufficient production tasks, and the domestic foundry industry as a whole should re-shuffle, Enhancing internal strength, ready for use.

     1. The strict implementation of the access card system to both small and great, Bao Tuan heating, ride out the storm

     Some small business is small, the workers are not fixed, liquidity, serious environmental pollution, and some open in residential areas, water sources, affecting people’s health, local governments should implement the relevant legislation for its “off, stop, and, turn “to follow the rules of the market economy, by a number of key businesses to mergers, the establishment of in the local foundry industrial park, the company moved into the park, to implement a unified waste water, waste gas, waste treatment, and if possible centralized melting, concentration of heat treatment, the establishment of physical and chemical analysis of Center, to provide enterprises with the chemical composition, mechanical properties, X-ray detection, coordinate measuring, computer-aided design, filling and solidification simulation and other services. Such enterprises to improve the grade of input savings, protecting the environment.

     2. Improve staff training, equipment maintenance transformation, recharge your batteries ready to go

     A number of non-ferrous sand casting foundry industry still uses the old clay plant sand process, manual labor-intensive repair technologies for workers with high requirements, it is difficult to find skilled instructors, large flow of migrant workers, the products produced rough appearance, size, no, it is mainly the intrinsic quality, using the occasion of busy production tasks, into a metallic Chilled resin sand casting, a few workers were. Some die-casting companies shut down some time ago the task full of people goes on, full load of work, equipment, serious, “running, take, drop, and missed”, is now taking advantage of the opportunity to repair, alteration, technical training of workers, the spread of modern management knowledge and upgrade their Enterprises of soft power.

    3. Please come in, go out of combining production and research to develop new products

    Advantage of this gap, business leaders can visit customers, visiting universities and research institutes, understanding of the industry’s latest scientific research, customer opinions and requests, and take the road of combining production and research, updating technology, the introduction of new technology to improve products. Products according to market demand, around the nine high-tech projects, joint research to develop new products that enable the development of enterprises, to catch the country-oriented high-tech trains, enduring.

    Makes a concerted effort, peer with each other use the service to deal with a rare a hundred years of financial crisis, strengthen our confidence, the difficulties, a total of grams of the storm, seize opportunities, meet new round of large-scale development.


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Property Tax Appeals – Property Tax Reduction.

Engage In A Property Tax Appeal? Lower Your Property Tax Once And It Continues For Years. Consumer Reports Report 40% Of The Population Is Over-assessed! Some Say Higher. Step-by-step Specifics, Percentages And Numbers To Use Maximize The Win!
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