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10’x20′ Party Wedding Tent Gazebo Pavilion Catering Carport Shelter New

Product Description
The Party Canopy is an attractive option for the party-thrower. High quality, rust & corrosion resistant powdered coated steel framework with beautiful window style sidewalls. The tents can hole up to 30 people. No drilling or similar tool is needed for setting up.


High quality, rust & corrosion resistant powder coated steel framework
4 beautiful window style ,removable sidewalls
2 front back doors (removable)
Water proof Polye… More >>

10’x20′ Party Wedding Tent Gazebo Pavilion Catering Carport Shelter New

Latest Inflatable Rides Auctions

Hey, check out these auctions:
6 Design Giant 59"- 98" Inflatable Swimming Pool Ride-On Float Beach Lounge Raft

End Date: Monday Feb-19-2018 9:52:48 PST
Buy It Now for only: $15.92
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Cool, arent they?

Warm weather means early opening for Harris Hill park

Warm weather means early opening for Harris Hill park
BIG FLATS — Amy Mekos of Elmira was looking for a way to take advantage of beautiful weather Sunday. Fortunately for Mekos and others, Harris Hill Amusement Park in Big Flats opened a week early.

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Get Bowled Over At The Levee

Get Bowled Over At The Levee
NEWPORT, Ky. – A boutique bowling experience, Star Lanes on the Levee, is scheduled to open at Newport on the Levee on April 23.

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The Jon Dore Television Show – Jon vs. The Fundraisers

In one of my personal favourite episodes, “Jon-A-Thon”, Jon tries to raise funds to help his poor ol’ drunkard pal Mark pay for a charged ambulance ride. However – the other local fundraisers aren’t very happy about Jon’s turf-block. Some really priceless moments in this scene. Regards…and please look at my channel and read about my petition to try and force another season of this shite!

Party Rentals Allow You to Have the Wedding Centerpiece of Your Dreams

Getting married is one of the most important events in most peoples’ lives. While you want everything to be perfect it can be very expensive to have exactly what you want in a wedding centerpiece. For some people the expense is so prohibiting that they sacrifice what they have always dreamed of for their wedding. There is a way that you can have the centerpiece of your dreams and not feel guilty about the cost. Using a party rentals service can allow you to have the perfect wedding with the centerpiece of your dreams.

The first step is deciding what you want the wedding to be center around or the theme that you want to decorate around. To make this decision think about the things that is important to you. It may be a travel destination that you fell in love with or a cause that is most important to you. Once you have decided on the theme that you want, the next step is to decide on a wedding centerpiece. The wedding centerpiece is one of the most important aspects of having others see how you feel or what you love. Party rentals can supply you with the items you need to make this happen. If you are unsure of the theme go in and talk with them for some great ideas.

Once you have chosen one for your wedding ceremony you may want the same theme to be carried from the wedding to the reception. Party rentals can furnish you with what you need for your wedding as well as helping you to carry that theme into the reception. This makes for a beautiful wedding and reception. If you have to buy all of the equipment that is needed for this type of wedding the cost would be enormous. The money you save by using party rentals could help to pay for the honeymoon. Now that is a deal!

An example of a theme that would be wonderful and totally affordable when using party rentals is one such as waterfalls. This could be carried from the wedding with the use of small waterfalls in the church to a wedding cake at the reception that has a waterfall. All of the equipment necessary for this type of wedding can be obtained from a party rental store. The cake stand and waterfall equipment for the cake can be picked up by the bakery that is making the wedding cake. With party rentals low fog machines with lots of greenery and the perfect candle holders can make this a gorgeous theme.

Party rentals have everything from arches, lighting, artificial floral for decoration, dishes and serving ware to much more like the water fountains described in the example. It is a win, win situation because you save money and don’t end up with a lot of stuff that you just want need again. You made need to check with more than one party rental store but the money that you save make it well worth your time.

Sam Stevens loves to share his knowledge on the rental industry. He often writes about leveraging the party rental industry to make your wedding reception or other event a most memorable occasion. He often promotes another party rental industry expert, Grand Rental Station of the Triad. Their party coordinators have made many dreams come true in the Piedmont of North Carolina with quality rentals & service.

7 Simple Tips for School Fundraising Success

Copyright (c) 2008 AIM Fundraising

Planning and managing a school fundraising event can make you want to pull your hair out or perhaps start banging your head on a table out of frustration. Here are seven helpful fundraising ideas that will help make your next school fundraiser a smooth and profitable success.

1.) Plan for Success

Efficient planning is integral to the success of not only your school fundraising campaign but any project you might think of. Without a well thought out plan of action chaos will reign and your project will suffer as a result no matter how good your fundraising ideas are. In fact, you should have a primary plan as well as a secondary and tertiary.

2.) There can be Only One!

There can only be one captain of a ship and the same holds true for your school fundraising program. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians is a recipe for failure as well as a bad idea. Pick a competent person to be in charge and then let them be in charge.

3.) Delegate Authority

Assign specific tasks to people in whom you have confidence and trust. In your planning create a list of tasks that must be accomplished and choose personnel for each task. Ensure that each of your chosen staff understands that accountability for their assigned task falls squarely on their shoulders.

4.) Promotion is the Key

Get the word our about your school fundraiser. Promoting your school fundraising project will help you greatly in the quest to reach your goals. Send out press releases to local media outlets. Don’t forget your own school web page is a great way to post your fundraising ideas and opportunities and get the word out about it. The type of fundraiser you are planning will dictate if creating promotional flyers and soliciting local business to place them in store windows would be helpful in making your fundraising event better. There are many ways to promote an event and you should take advantage of as many of them as possible.

5.) Pre-Sell for Success

This tactic will work effectively for any type of school fundraising event. If your fundraiser is an event like a dance or dinner or some kind of ticketed event, you will do much better pre-selling your tickets. Start the revenue stream long before the actual event. When items such as cookie dough or Christmas gift items are your main products start mentioning it to friends, family, and neighbors ahead of time.

6.) Multiple Income Streams

Do not put all of your eggs in one basket. Multiple income streams have been a recipe for success in business for many years and you should be running your school fundraising just like a business. If you are placing your whole years planning on the success of only one program, then you may find yourself in a shortfall. You might even have another nearby school start the same thing your were planning to do the week before you kick your fundraiser off. If you are located in a small town, this can be a huge blow to your school fundraising success. Try using multiple events to your advantage. This is an excellent way to reach your goal as quickly as possible and spread out some of the risk.

7.) Post Event Analysis

While not part of the actual event planning phase this is something that you should not overlook. Analyze how each of your school fundraising efforts performed. Which ones did your customers like the best? Which ones made you the most money? What school fundraising event was the easiest to do? You can use your analysis of your current campaign to enhance future fundraising efforts. It is especially helpful to write these things down in a journal for the next board to view in case all the faces on the board change from year to year. Doing this will make it much easier on the inexperience leaders who follow you to pick up where you left off!

School fundraising should be a simple process that helps your school meet it’s financial needs. If you have been disappointed with your school fundraising results lately, you should click on this link and see how you can imporve your results.

Pffffffft . . . you call those inflatable rides?

Inflatable Rides
Image taken on 2008-07-03 21:43:11 by reynolds.james.e.

10×10 Pop Up 4 Wall Canopy Party Tent Gazebo EZ Pink

Product Description

* High quality,heavy duty steel frame, strong connectors and base.
* 2 removable window style sidewalls
* 2 removable front & back zippered doors.
* Heavy-duty polyester with PVC coated waterproof top.
* One carry Bag.
* Set up in seconds.
* No loose parts.
* Ideal for commercial or recreational use.
* Brand new in box.

* Dimensions: 10’L(3m) x 10’W(3m) x 10.8’H(peak), 7.2H’ (side)
More >>

10×10 Pop Up 4 Wall Canopy Party Tent Gazebo EZ Pink

American Idol Auditions Aren’t About Talent

Anyone who follows American Idol knows that there are times when there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to who is selected – and who is rejected. According to the ‘American Idol Advantage,’ this is because the judges aren’t selecting candidates on the principles we think they are.

“Talent is not the most important factor in making it past these first auditions,” said Andy West, a marketing specialist and representative of “The singers who have a clearer understanding of this are the ones who make it past the judges.”

If there is anything that gets results in the American Idol auditions, it’s not talent – it’s how much time and effort people have put into their presentation. Singers who desperately want the opportunity stand out from the crowd, not because they’re talented, but because they have done their homework: they know how to market themselves in order to get the judges’ attention.

‘American Idol Advantage’ explains the factors that actually determine the judges’ choices in the first round of American Idol auditions – those that separate the chosen few from the rest of the crowd. The e-book is full of trends, tips, and other information that reveals how American Idol auditions are really won: songs that boost a candidate’s chances, versus those that bomb; how successful candidates tend to dress; and how to interpret the judges’ reactions to you and your audition. ‘American Idol Advantage’ also includes analysis and interpretation of past American Idol auditions, showing real-life examples of what works – and what doesn’t.

“There’s a lot more to these initial auditions than just singing,” said Mr. West.

As with everything else in life, the American Idol auditions are about more than just showing up – they’re about being prepared. ‘American Idol Advantage’ provides everyday people with a shot at making it onto American Idol – by teaching them how to prepare.

“The singers that do their homework and are the most prepared will make it on to the show, plain and simple,” Mr. West said. For more information about American Idol Advantage, check out the website

Andy West is a freelance writer and a marketing communications specialist for MediaChoice, Inc. MediaChoice is a search engine marketing company which owns and operates and